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“Why doesn’t he just shoot out the tires?”: Keanu Reeves’ ‘Speed’ Plot Hole That Bothered Fans For Years Finally Has a Befitting Answer

“Why doesn’t he just shoot out the tires?”: Keanu Reeves’ ‘Speed’ Plot Hole That Bothered Fans For Years Finally Has a Befitting Answer

The legacy of Keanu Reeves began to leave its mark when the actor entered the industry with Bill and Ted. Soon after, the 1994 high-adrenaline drama, Speed, which went on to win $350.5 million against a budget of $30 million, not only dominated the box office but also established Sandra Bullock and Reeves at the epicenter of Hollywood.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock

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Keanu Reeves’s Speed Has Discovered a Troubling Plot Hole

The Matrix actor, Keanu Reeves, who has earned a reputation for being one of the kindest celebrity souls on the planet was too busy running after a speeding bus in the aptly titled action film, Speed, to notice that he had a gun to shoot the tires with to prevent it from going above 50 mph. But while the lead actors, their co-stars, the director, and even the crew on set failed to point out that errant flaw, the little detail did not miss the eye of one reviewer working for The New York Times.

While appearing on the Script Apart podcast, Graham Yost, the screenwriter of the 1994 film revealed:

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“There was a big plot hole that I had not considered until I read it in Janet Maslin’s review in The New York Times. Swear to God, I just hadn’t thought of it which is he’s running after the bus. It hasn’t yet gone 50. It’s only going about 15, 20 miles an hour, he’s chasing it. He’s got a gun. Why doesn’t he just shoot out the tires? I didn’t even think of that.

If we had thought of that, we would’ve had him pull his gun and get bumped by a car. And his gun goes sliding under a bunch of cars and now he’s got no choice. We would’ve fixed it but we didn’t even think of it.”

Speed (1994)
Speed (1994)

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However, now that the solution has finally presented itself, the fans need not worry about the 1994 classic getting a refurbished remake adjusted to suit the new theory proposed by Yost. What makes the Keanu Reeves starrer such a gem is its ability to present a script that is so flawless in every other way that the small error on the storyteller’s part evades the watchful eye of most among the audience.

Will There Ever Be a Speed Threequel With the Original Cast?

When asked about the possibility of Speed 3, one-half of the original film’s cast, Sandra Bullock sounded quite optimistic, although under one very specific condition – it had to be directed by Daniel Radcliffe. During the promotional press tour for their film, The Lost City, Radcliffe claimed, “Speed 3: Horsepower. My friends have been pitching it to me.”

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Speed
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Speed

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The idea, although suggested in passing by the Harry Potter alum, was considered swiftly by the semi-retired actress who in turn joked, “Don’t threaten me with a good time.” Although it is important to note that the comments are made in jest and in passing, Hollywood’s record of returning for more, even decades later, is not a new habit. Perhaps a couple of years down the line, the cult-favorite movie may yet come back for a third helping.

Speed is currently available for streaming on Hulu.

Source: Script Apart

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