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Why Fans Want Iconic Horror Franchises To Stop Making More Movies

Why Fans Want Iconic Horror Franchises To Stop Making More Movies 1

Horror is a genre known for the fits of gore and attention, and it endures like no other genre. But as frightful as these flicks can be, every once in a while, someone needs to declare that some horror franchises are dead. The genre has its clichés, and the iconic horror franchises have already been giving the redo treatment. Additionally, some horror fans even hate it when their favorite uncanny flicks are being modernized. The spookier it gets, the more iconic it becomes. Although, they have been promoting new stories with similar topics. And this is why fans want iconic horror franchises to stop making more movies.

The importance of a new film being added to the iconic horror franchise

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However, keeping bad horror movies in mind, fans went on Reddit to have chitchats about the addition of a new film to A Nightmare On The Elm Street franchise. And it turned out that most of them weren’t into it and felt otherwise. It was so obvious for the fans to think in that way because seeing their favorite Freddy Krueger turning into a boring guy seems unnecessary. The topic just seemed to have the right insight about the line on making new movies, so the conversations kept going. The discussions about the horror franchise got almost 679 comments. And it completely indicated that these fans were pretty obsessed with the production decisions that drive their favorite genre.

For the iconic horror franchises, there comes a time to stop making films. And it’s better to end things on a high note.

Iconic horror franchises

Most fans completely agreed on the fact that dragging the stories is entirely unnecessary and does not make any sense. For instance, the first few movies of the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise were worth watching. And as long as there are a certain number of movies, fans are most likely good-to-go for a rewatch. Apart from the horror franchise, none of the other franchises except for James Bond has been successful in keeping a flawless record.

To the bottom of what makes a decent horror flick


Someone on Reddit mentioned what makes the horror flicks a good one- the element of surprise. The longer a horror franchise goes on, the more predictable their stories become. Further, they addressed that the biggest problem of the horror franchises is that the scariest things will always be the unknowns. Keep dwelling on the same stories for the profit-making actually works against the iconic horror franchises. Fans grow less excited about the new installments and are less likely to watch the movies.


So that was all about it. If you have any additional thoughts about the iconic horror franchises, then don’t forget to tell us in the comment section.

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