5 Huge Reasons Why ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Will Be Announced in 2023

Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest game franchises of all time recently surpassing Over 400 Million Lifetime Sales, earlier this year. The continued success of Grand Theft Auto despite the last instalment being released a decade ago is a testament to its popularity and staying power within the gaming industry.

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Although Rockstar has been working hard on other projects such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and continually updating GTA Online, there is one question on the minds of many fans; Where is Grand Theft Auto 6?

Well, if leaks and rumours are to be believed we may be getting a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement sooner, rather than later this year. So, let’s dive into the 5 reasons why a GTA 6 announcement may be coming in 2023.

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1. GTA 6 News Might Be Coming Very Soon, Voice Actor Teases

One of GTA 6’s supposed voice actors has taken to Instagram to post a cryptic selfie featuring Pam Trees and a Tommy Vercetti-inspired Hawaiian shirt. Seeing that Grand Theft Auto 6 is apparently set mostly in Vice City, it could easily be a reference to that.

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Bryan Zampella who is rumoured to voice ‘Jason’, one of the possible protagonists of GTA 6, has only added fuel to the fire recently with his social media posts even dressing the same as Jason after the GTA 6 gameplay leaks late last year.

It makes even more sense that Zampella might be hinting at news about GTA 6 coming soon given his past social media posts. In 2016, Zampella posted a picture of himself with a Rockstar Games camera artist, and he has lightly referenced ties to Grand Theft Auto by including the hashtag “#vicecity” in a caption of a few of his posts.

Only time will tell if Zampella is really our new playable character or just a voice actor faking it till he makes it.

2. Grand theft auto V’s tenth anniversary

Grand theft Auto 6

Another reason why GTA 6 could be announced this year is due to the fact it is coming up for Grand Theft Auto V’s 10th anniversary. It would make sense for Rockstar to build hype for the newest game while celebrating one of their crowing achievements.

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Grand Theft Auto V’s 10th anniversary is on September 17, 2023, and this could be when we see news about the next instalment.

However, in the past there have been other notable dates where no major announcement was made, like what happened with Grand Theft Auto’s 25th anniversary, So only time will tell if we will see something about GTA 6.

3. Insider information

According to a well-known Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar insider GTA 6’s official tease could be arriving in September or October this year.

As per Tez2, the leaker expects this to happen as part of Rockstar Games’ celebration of GTA Online’s 10th anniversary. In the past Rockstar Games have officially revealed Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V, via trailers at least two years before release. Which could line up with the reported information coming from Rockstar’s parent company Take Two. Speaking of which:

4. The New Earnings Report

As we reported a few weeks ago, according to a new earnings report from Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive, it appears that GTA 6 will be released sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.

The report looks to the future of Take-Two and although there is no direct confirmation, the “$8 billion in Net Bookings” clearly points to it being one of Take-Two’s bigger IPs.

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With the fact that there is now a possible release window of next year on the cards, it would make sense that Rockstar would give fans a taste of what is to come in GTA 6 either with a teaser trailer or an official announcement.

5. September 2022 Leaks

The Leaks from September 18, 2022, showed that GTA 6 was well underway in terms of development. While the game’s graphics were still in the early stages, with stand-in character models and textures, the clips of basic beta testing showed off some gameplay mechanics that looked remarkably well-polished.

However, the leaks still had many fans up in arms about how early in development the game actually looked. There is also speculation that the leak occurred due to compromised communication between developers which may have contained numerous work-in-progress files due to the recent shift towards remote work over the last two years.

Because of this, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume an announcement could happen in 2023, and the game might end up being released a year or two later.

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So that was our 5 reasons as to why GTA 6 could be announced in 2023. Do you think that GTA 6 will be announced in 2023? What other rumours have you heard? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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