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‘Why he brought a 15 year old into a fight’: 7 Years After Civil War, Marvel Fans Grow a Conscience – Ask Why Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man Hired Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as a Child Soldier

'Why he brought a 15 year old into a fight': 7 Years After Civil War, Marvel Fans Grow a Conscience - Ask Why Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man Hired Tom Holland's Spider-Man as a Child Soldier

One of the most heart-touching and unique relationships in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is shared between Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. As sweet as the on-screen relationship is it has some problems.

Marvel fans have pointed out some problematic aspects of their relationship after seven years. The fans seem to have grown a conscience, everything that appeared cool once is now being scrutinized under the woke eyes. One of them is recruiting Peter Parker as a soldier in Captain America: Civil War when he was just fifteen years old.

How Tony Stark recruited Peter Parker in Civil War

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Peter Parker and Tony Stark

Although Peter Parker’s existence was alluded to after Ant-Man in 2015, his first actual appearance in the MCU didn’t occur until Captain America: Civil War in 2016. A teenage Tom Holland was recruited to the cast of the ensemble movie as Spider-Man in what was seen as a very major deal both then and now.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

In the movie, it is made clear that Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has been keeping track of Peter’s heroics in New York and has recruited him to join his faction against Captain America. In Civil War, Peter’s Spider-Man origin narrative is skipped, and we pick up where he left off—fighting criminals and inventing his own devices while residing with Aunt May.

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Fans diss Tony Stark for recruiting a child soldier

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Spider-Man and Tony Stark

Fans have been great supporters of Tony Stark and Peter Parker’s pseudo-father-son relationship. It is after seven years that they can see some cracks in the near-perfect relationship. In Civil War, Tony Stark exposed Peter Parker to a serious war that could have killed him or severely injured him.

Fans criticize the act from a humane perspective, and how it is morally deranged to do something like that. The problem is not just the presence of a 15-year-old Peter Parker but the celebration of his presence. He was treated as a hero which sends a wrong message across given the current political scenario.

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Though the fans are critical now, none of them disagree that it was an amazing introduction to Spider-Man in the MCU. Even if the character was a kid and new to the battle scenario, he gives every adult a tough time/ But it does not justify making a soldier out of a teenager especially when Marvel is aware that a majority of its audience consists of teenagers.

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Captain America: Civil War is streaming on Disney+.

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