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Why Henry Cavill Should Never Return as Superman to DCEU – WB Will Never Give Him the Respect He Deserves

Henry Cavill was the most-loved actor to play Superman in DCEU. But there have been no confirmed projects announced by DCEU or WB that involve a major role of the actor as the Man of Steel after he was last seen in the Justice League movie. Though there are some rumors about him returning to DCEU, there has been no official confirmation from either WB or the actor. But it has now become almost a tiring feat between the fans and the studio, they always hype the fans that the actor might return but nothing really ever happens.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

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DCEU and WB do not deserve Henry Cavill

As the actor has talked about his experience playing Superman, it is quite evident that he was really dedicated to the role. The fans loved watching Henry Cavill donning the red cape that they almost aren’t able to see anyone else play Superman. But now it seems like WB and DCEU are only using his name to draw the attention of the fans towards themselves after they keep messing up.

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The studio does not deserve the perfect Superman

Before the San Deigo Comic-Con, there were rumors and speculations all over that the actor will be present there to announce his future appearance as the Man of Steel, but nothing like that really happened. Recently, he is in talks again as The Rock and others involved with the upcoming film, Black Adam, are trying to make the fans think that the actor might be in the movie. But there is no official confirmation yet.

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The studio does not deserve the perfect Superman
The studio does not deserve the perfect Superman

The only way Cavill might really be joining the DCEU project would have something to do with Dwayne Johnson and only for a cameo. According to some reports, Henry Cavill himself does not want to return to the role. Also, the actor is already working on projects like The Witcher Season 3 and Enola Holmes 2.

Warner Bros. cannot give him the respect he deserves

Warner Bros. has recently been facing the heat due to the issues related to its talent. The studio has been making some bad decisions related to its actors, also after the merger with Discovery, it is facing some heat from its artists and production members, as they canceled a number of shows on HBO Max and movies like Batgirl.

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The studio also was quick to fire Johnny Depp from the Fantastic Beasts franchise when allegations against him first surfaced. But are still working with Amber Heard, who lost the defamation trial, as she might still appear as Mera in Aquaman ad the Lost Kingdom. Not just, they are quite fixated on releasing the Ezra Miller starrer The Flash despite the actor being involved in a lot of controversies ever since the project started.

The studio is facing a tough time and needs to do a lot of fixing to get back to its previous fame or it soon might see a downfall.

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