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‘Why he’s still there?’: The Marvels Trailer Draws Flak for Showing Mohan Kapur Who’s Accused of S*xually Harassing a Minor With ‘D**k Pics’

'Why he's still there?': The Marvels Trailer Draws Flak for Showing Mohan Kapur Who's Accused of S*xually Harassing a Minor With 'D**k Pics'

Indian actor Mohan Kapur isn’t exactly new to fame, being a prominent face in Bollywood, however, what he is new to, is gaining notoriety for allegedly sending n*des to a minor. In the continued onslaught of #Metoo allegations, many prominent Bollywood and Hollywood figures have been charged with s*xual misconduct time and time again. While some did get convicted most can be seen shrugging the allegations off like it’s nothing. On top of that, there have also been strategic false allegations structured to bring people down due to personal vendetta. 

Mohan Kapur in Ms. Marvel
Mohan Kapur in Ms. Marvel

However, most cases turn out to be true, with multiple sources confirming the misconduct. Although it is hard to say whether Mohan Kapur truly is guilty given the continued silence from the artist’s side, the thread posted by the Twitter user who accused him of said misconduct seems quite convincing. In light of that, the recently dropped trailer of The Marvels, where Kapoor plays the character of Kamala Khan, aka, Ms. Marvel’s father, with him being shown proudly in the trailer, has kind of triggered Marvel fans.

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Mohan Kapur faces #Metoo allegations

In November 2022, a Twitter user posted a thread consisting of screenshots alleging that Kapur once sent her d**k pics when she was just 14 years old. This terrible allegation against a prominent Bollywood and now Marvel artist especially with a minor involved caught flame really quickly. In the thread, the Twitter user explained that she started talking to Kapur’s former wife through Instagram dm as she was a fan of hers. Quickly Kapur, too, got involved and about a year later he sent her his n*de photos and even went on to say how he was in love with her and more as a process of trying to groom her. 

Mohan Kapur #metoo allegations
Mohan Kapur #metoo allegations

According to her, she took it to his wife when they talked in person, and even with her being aware of the kind of person her then-husband was, she did nothing to help this girl. If anything, about a year later she started gaslighting her saying how this girl “threw her baggage at him.” This inevitably led to a very dark period in her life, where she kind of started trusting him. This allegedly went on for years, and with her continued depression she was about ready to take her own life. 

Mohan Kapur accused of grooming minor
Mohan Kapur accused of grooming minor

The last time she seemed to have talked to Mohan Kapur was back in 2020 when she confronted him about the extreme trauma he has caused but he shrugged it off saying that he couldn’t trust her. And the only way he could trust her again was if she got into a video chat with him and send him her n*de pictures. After two years of her trying to overcome this situation, this thread followed, at the time of which, Kapur allegedly blocked her from all his social media platforms.

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Fans’ outrage over Mohan Kapur still being in The Marvels

After the continued success of Marvel’s limited series, they are planning to bring the characters from that to one of the most hyped movies of this year, The Marvels. Mohan Kapur who has been playing the role of Kamala Khan’s father in Ms. Marvels seems ready to reprise his role once again without there ever being any clarifications from his side over this whole scandal.

Mohan Kapur with Iman Vellani
Mohan Kapur with Iman Vellani

This inevitably led to mass outrage on the fans’ side with people questioning why he is still a part of the movie to commenting that they should completely boycott Marvel until they decide to drop him.

It will be interesting to see Marvel’s stance on this if the outrage persists over time, and whether Kapur himself comes out with a clarification. Especially as no other updates have been made yet since the exposé thread the Twitter user posted back in November.

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The Marvels is expected to be released on November 10th, 2023. 

Source: Twitter

Written by Anushree Banerjee

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