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Why Hollywood Hates Amy Schumer Now

Amy Schumer has gained a large fan base thanks to her quick wit and comedic appeal. She has strongly advocated for body positivity which was until very recently was a massively toxic subculture among the entertainment industry. She doesn’t balk from the so-called haters, but rather takes them on unapologetically. But everyone knows people can be fickle and the industry isn’t always forgiving. Twitterati and the general public has been quick to cancel those who have not been sensitive or receptive to the growing social awareness around us. So, where is all the recent hate towards Amy Schumer coming from?


Amy Schumer: The Comedian

Actress rejected for her looks: Amy Schumer
Stand-up Comedian and actress: Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has time and again relied on graphic sexual imagery as the basis of her stand-up routine. She is without a doubt an incredible comedian. But, one of the major problems that has come to light concerns her time-delivered comedy.

It is a well-known fact that Schumer makes use of unflinching sexual annotations and self-deprecation in her stints. But how much is too much? Some people find the deliberate candour in her performance a bit too uncomfortable. Well, move along if talking openly about the vagina makes you squirm in your seat. Not all genres of comedy is suited to everybody’s liking or taste.

It would have been preferable if the issue was laid at rest right there. But upon revisiting some of her other stand-up performances and appearances at talk shows, the content was unoriginal at best. The comedy was repetitive and any heckling from the audience would resort her to reduce the narrative into misogyny on the heckler’s part.

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Amy Schumer Controversy

Amy Schumer - HBO Special
Amy Schumer – HBO Special

Next comes the more controversial discussion revolving Schumer allegedly stealing her jokes from older comedians. One might ask why would an established, confident, and outspoken comedian need to revert to “stealing” jokes from someone else?

Well, apparently reports have been making the rounds on the grapevine since the Oscars 2022. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards was not the only hard-hitting (pun intended) news on the bulletin. There have been rumours about the comedian snitching the joke about Leo DiCaprio that she made during her speech at the awards ceremony. And the public was more than offended when she made a (scripted) joke by calling actress Kirsten Dunst “a seat-filler”.

Oscars 2022 - Amy Schumer
Oscars 2022 – Amy Schumer

However that is not all. Schumer also wanted to bring up Joe Rogan and comment on the sexual allegations against The Wizard of Oz actor James Franco. Moreover, her lawyer had to advice her against joking about the shooting incident that occurred on the sets of Rust. The incident which led to the death of the beloved and talented cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is still quite raw and fresh in the memory of friends and family among the industry.


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