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Why Hollywood’s Arrogance Will Never Let it Welcome Johnny Depp Back With Open Arms (And Why That Needs To Change)

Johnny Depp is one of the most accomplished actors in Hollywood today. In his decades-long career, he has featured in many blockbuster movies and commands love and admiration from fans everywhere. Yet, when allegations by Amber Heard first surfaced against him, Hollywood was quick to cut ties and leave him out in the cold. Depp lost movie roles and brand endorsements. However, the star fought back in the courts and won handsomely. This victory reverberated across the world.

However, it seems that Hollywood wasn’t impressed. Quick to cut ties, Holywood may never welcome Johnny Depp back, owing to its arrogance. This case is emblematic of a broader problem in the entertainment industry and needs to be addressed.

Johnny Depp posing for the cameras.
Johnny Depp posing for the cameras.

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Why it May be Curtains for Johnny Depp’s Hollywood Career

Johnny Depp's journey as Captain Jack Sparrow lasted from 2011 till 2017.
Johnny Depp’s journey as Captain Jack Sparrow

Fans of the megastar were overjoyed to see the actor being vindicated by the courts. Many were perhaps hopeful that Johnny Depp may return to the movies, now that his name was cleared. Alas, the prevalent culture in Hollywood wouldn’t have it. We may never see Depp attain his former glory in Hollywood.

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There are several reasons for this. For starters, the long drawn-out trial generated a lot of negative press for the star, which means added baggage that Hollywood projects might not want to be associated with. This, despite his victory in court. Moreover, the prevalent culture in Hollywood is to cancel at the first sin and never forgive.

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This is Emblematic of Hollywood’s Arrogance and Needs to Change

Johnny Depp can seize Amber Heards house in California
Johnny Depp

This is wrong and needs to change. While the entertainment industry is correct to distance itself from those who face serious and credible charges, it is wrong to shun those who turn out to be innocent. This creates a toxic culture that perpetuates more problems. Importantly, this alienates fans who recognize unfair behavior and who ultimately sustain the industry.


In the digital world of today, where content creation and dissemination are easy and accessible to all, old monopolies are vulnerable. Such attitudes and practices are unbecoming for the leading entertainment industry on the planet and Hollywood would be wise to change its ways.

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