6 Reasons The DCEU Can Never Be As Dark & Tragic As The DCAU

Both DCAU and DCEU are amazing at their work but both have strengths and weaknesses. They both are existing for several years and many fans have grown up while reading and watching DCEU and DCAU’s movies and comics which makes it a very important part of their life. Here are 6 Reasons The DCEU Can Never Be As Dark & Tragic As The DCAU. Comment down below what are your views on this. 


Even if the cinematics of DCEU is on another level as people can do whatever they want in the animation world and live-action movies require a lot of resources to match that level. It’s a lot harder to portray all the animation in live-action and maybe that’s why DCAU lacks behind.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

More Characters

It has more characters than DCEU and as you know the more the merrier. It sometimes makes the viewer confused if they don’t follow it from the start but for the hard-core DCAU fan it’s a boon. 

Source: Cine Dope

Justice League

DCEU’s justice league got criticized as the fans were disappointed about the characters not fitting to the established ground of DCAU’s justice league.

Overall Arc

It has been fourteen years since DCAU started and their comics were headed towards a certain end whereas DCEU has been running on single stories which makes the fans feel lost and confused about where it’s all going.

Source: Screen Rant

Better Villains

Fans love heroes but they do love villains too. They like to see how strong and powerful the villains are and what are their abilities. DCEU hasn’t achieved the level of DCAU’s villains. DCAU’s villains are top-notch.

Good Portrayal

Fans believed that Dark Knight is capable to win against any superhero because the portrayal in the animated series was on the next level. It showed everything from emotions to power and supervillain. 

Written by Ramya Khera