“Why isn’t this guy running DC?”: $773M Marvel Movie Convinced David Zaslav James Gunn Needs to be DCU CEO

"Why isn't this guy running DC?": $773M Marvel Movie Convinced David Zaslav James Gunn Needs to be DCU CEO

With the start of a new chapter for the DC Universe, the spotlight has been on James Gunn for quite a while now. The way he has changed all of what had previously been established may have shocked the world at first, but now things have slowly started to change. The initial stages saw some of the most integral actors of the franchise leaving. However, that did not stop Gunn.

David Zaslav
David Zaslav

Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and so many others lost their iconic roles. This did bring a lot of backlash for the co-CEO. He stood strong and his latest movie has proven just why he might be exactly what the DCU needed in the first place. David Zaslav may have clearly seen something in the director that would have attracted him in the first place and that was none other than Guardians of the Galaxy. 

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Why Did David Zaslav Think James Gunn was Perfect for the Future of the DCU?

The CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav has always been supportive of James Gunn and hyped up his plans for the DCU. This is however realistic as Zaslav believes there to be a possible few projects that may not do all too well. During a recent appearance at MoffettNathanson’s Technology, Media & Telecom Conference this week, Zaslav went on to explain his decision to go for Gunn to lead DC Studios.

James Gunn
James Gunn

“What we tried to do is get really great leadership. The philosophy of our company is we don’t want people to go to meetings, we want the people to do the work.” He continued, “So when I was meeting with James Gunn and he was writing ‘Superman’ and he had written ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ — which is now a big hit for Marvel, which we’re happy about because Gunn wrote that movie and directed that movie — I’m looking at it and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Why isn’t this guy running [DC]?’”

Zalsav went on to talk about how Gunn has been close to these characters his entire life, they are his family, and after reading his ‘Superman’, Zalsav saw his potential and wanted to work with him.

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James Gunn talks about the future of the DCU

After David Zaslav talked about his prediction of James Gunn’s future, he went on to talk about their vision for the DC Universe. It appears that they have a long-term, ten-year plan which involves Superman: Legacy which is already written and is in early casting. He also hyped up the upcoming The Flash, which is to come out in theaters soon.

James Gunn
James Gunn

“We got a 10-year plan. ‘Superman’ is written, we’re early now in casting. He and Peter Safran are the real deal. We worked really hard on ‘Flash’ and ‘Black Adam.’ ‘Flash’ is a fantastic movie, it’s coming out in six weeks. We like the slate coming up. Now, we think we made the turn on the motion picture business. We’ll see if we’re right. It’s a tough business. But now we have movies that we like, we have movies that when we test, they’re testing really well and we worked hard on them and so I have great belief in DC.”

He also stated Black Adam will not be in the first chapter of the DC Universe that Gunn calls Gods and Monsters. They don’t believe him to be a good fit just yet but would like to explore his storyline in the future.

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