Why Jane Foster Thor Is Stronger Than Thor Odinson

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Thor: Love and Thunder is among the most eagerly awaited films in the MCU. It’s a follow-up to the 2017 hit Thor: Ragnarok, which featured incredible visuals, adventure, and wacky comedy. The appearance of Mighty Thor, on the other hand, is the upcoming film’s major draw, and viewers are quite thrilled about it. Not only will Chris Hemsworth portray the Asgardian God of Thunder, but Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, will also take on Thor’s persona and wield Mjolnir in this film. On that note, here’s a comparison of why Jane Foster’s Thor is more powerful than Thor Odison:


1. Jane can control the Mjolnir’s movements better:

Jane Foster as the mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder
Jane Foster wielding Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Jane Foster’s use of the hammer is one of the elements that distinguishes her reign as Thor. Maybe she just has a natural affinity for Mjolnir. Whatever the reason, Jane has the ability to twist, twirl, and swing Mjolnir in a manner that Odinson has never been able to. “In all our years together…in all our many battles…Mjolnir never flew like that for me,” Odinson once claimed.

2. Jane has better knowledge of both Midgard and Asgard:

Natalie Portman portraying Jane Foster or The Mighty Thor.
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster or The Mighty Thor.

Odinson, of course, is also familiar with Midgard, a.k.a. Earth. Jane, on the other hand, has resided in both Asgard & Midgard and excelled in both situations. Like Thor, she benefits greatly from her vast understanding of both Earth and Asgardian cultures. She can use her knowledge of many civilizations to help her in a battle no matter where she is. Although Odinson is well-versed in Midgard, his understanding of basic Earth conventions is often ridiculed in the comics.


3. Jane is more dedicated than Odinson:

The Mighty Thor/Jane Foster vs Odinson Thor.
The Mighty Thor/Jane Foster’s confrontation with Odinson Thor.

Jane knows the Avengers require her support as soon as she picks up Mjolnir, so she goes into action despite having a ton of concerns about what’s going on. While on her journey, she comes face to face with an enraged Odinson and demonstrates that she is worthy of the hammer by defeating him in battle and saving the Avengers. Odinson also recognizes that she could have exploited this gift for her own benefit, but rather chose to use it to help others.

4. Jane has a better temperament than Odin:

Often known to lose his cool and make irrational decisions unlike Jane Foster: Thor Odinson.
Often known to lose his cool and make irrational decisions: Thor Odinson.

Of course, Odinson’s anger is very little compared to that of the Hulk. But it doesn’t require much to persuade Thor to charge headlong into danger. That’s certainly probably the main reason he falls for Loki’s baits so often. Jane Foster’s Thor, on the other hand, does not share this sentiment. She becomes angry, of course. However, she never allows her rage to influence her to lose track of her objective of protecting others.

5. Jane made her humanity her strength:

Jane Foster in the hospital, battling breast cancer.
Jane Foster in the hospital, battling breast cancer.

Being a regular human normally detracts from one’s superhero potential in comic books. Jane Foster, on the other hand, has a tiny advantage over Odinson in regards to claiming the title of Thor due to her humanity. Jane’s days have always been numbered, unlike Odinson’s. She was a breast cancer victim until she discovered Mjolnir and its transformational qualities. Because she knew there was an end in sight, she was able to push herself even harder. Even in her immortal Thor body, she’s aware of her own humanity, and that’s what makes her stronger than Odin.


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