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Why Justice League Didn’t Show Up in Black Adam

Black Adam and Justice League

*Black Adam spoilers ahead!*

Black Adam has created quite the buzz in the DC Extended Universe. The movie has everything you need to make an instant hit. A powerful anti-hero, a strong script, an insane cameo, and the list just does not seem to stop. Fans seem to agree that the movie was worth all the hype that surrounded the release.

Black Adam
Black Adam (2022)

Even though Superman’s cameo was hinted way before the release of Black Adam, it was still a welcome sight in the theatres, where fans finally got what they wanted. However, with Henry Cavill’s return as Superman, come a lot of questions. For starters, where on earth was the Justice League?

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Where Was the Justice League?

After Amanda Waller learns about Black Adam’s awakening, she turns to Hawkman and the Justice Society of America to stop him from causing any more destruction. Naturally, fans were riddled by this call for help and asked why couldn’t Waller just call the Justice League instead? Since the movie clearly shows just how powerful Dwayne Johnson’s character is, it would make much more sense to send for the universe’s most powerful superheroes to stop the anti-hero’s destructive ways.

Justice League are an integral part of the DCEU.
Justice League

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The most basic reason could be that the Justice League was simply off-planet. However, so far in the DCEU, this has never happened. Another theory is that Waller would like to handle Black Adam secretly. She might have wanted this mission to be carried out with utmost confidentiality and there’s no doubt to the fact that the Justice League isn’t one to help Waller out in her secret missions, especially since she and Batman aren’t exactly fond of each other.

Keeping the fictional reasons aside, the most realistic and probable reason is simply that the studio might have wanted Black Adam to tease the future of DCEU with Superman’s cameo. All of the Justice League members showing up could have possibly overshadowed Henry Cavill’s return to the DC universe. Johnson had revealed that it took almost six years for him to persuade Warner Bros. into allowing Superman’s cameo in the movie. Therefore, calling all the Justice League actors for a limited appearance could be a much more difficult scenario for the team.

Cavill making a cameo in the film helps with two things. On one hand, it thrills the fans of the superhero universe and makes them feel heard. On the other hand, it creates expectations and keeps the fans on the edge of their seats, waiting to see which direction the universe goes to – next.

So, the Justice League may or may not return for a movie in the future. However, with the DCEU not playing all of its cards at one go certainly leaves the viewer curious and asking for more.

Future of Black Adam and Justice League

Dwayne Johnson starrer Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

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While the movie has already proven why Adam is a Justice-League-level threat, it is intriguing to see what future this combination might have in the universe. Superman and Black Adam have already come face to face in the movie. So it is just a matter of time that Teth Adam (and possibly the JSA) will be making a comeback in the DCEU.

Although Black Adam joining hands with the Justice League would turn him from an anti-hero to a hero, a Black Adam vs. Justice League storyline would make quite the movie. Whichever direction the DCEU masterminds plan on taking things from here, it surely is going to be a treat to watch.

Black Adam is currently playing in theatres.

Written by Mishkaat Khan

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