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Why Marvel Has Altered The Powers of Ms. Marvel

We just got the first official trailer of Ms. Marvel. Thanks to a bold decision taken by Marvel Studios, it is making rounds all across the internet! As you may have noticed by now, Kamala Khan won’t be getting her trademark “embiggening powers” in the MCU. Instead, we’d see her creating energy constructs that are enabled by the mystery bracelet we saw in the trailer. But why has Marvel changed the powers of Ms. Marvel?

Hearing Kamala her say “Embiggen” is quite iconic! She could still probably do that as Marvel retained her ability to create a giant energy fist. But still, it’s quite different from the source material and we’ve got quite a few reasons in mind for why MCU’s Kamala Khan gets a different set of powers compared to everywhere else we’ve seen her in the past.

No Inhumans

Ms Marvel Black Bolt

The MCU has not introduced Inhumans yet. Rumor has it that Doctor Strange 2 might bring in Black Bolt as a part of the Multiversal Illuminati, but their kind does not exist in the MCU just yet. Marvel could have introduced them through Kamala Khan, as she is also an Inhuman in the books. She gets her embiggening powers by being exposed to the Terrigen Mist. But Marvel has changed her origin big time. Kamala is not an Inhuman here, and that’s a big indication that we won’t be seeing Inhumans on MCU’s main Earth-199999.

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Set Up for The Marvels

The Marvels

Instead of the Inhumans link, we are evidently getting a build-up to The Marvels. Both Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau have abilities that are showcased by glowing energy fields around them. Now since Ms. Marvel is a big Captain Marvel fan and is supposed to be one of the leads in The Marvels, her glowing powers fit right alongside Danvers and Rambeau. They are obviously different and have their own aesthetic, but they could be setting up a crucial plot point in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel. The bracelet seems mystical, but it might be enabling Ms. Marvel with a form of Cosmic Energy. It could even be inspired by the Kree Nega-Bands from the comics.

Easier Production and Disney+ Budget

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Marvel is creating all of their Disney+ shows with hefty movie-like production budgets. But still, in most cases, the differences between a series and a big-budget film can be made out. Allowing Ms. Marvel to create energy constructs must have helped Iman Vellani big time. All she would have had to do was flail her arms around on sets while imagining her powers. And creating these energy constructs would probably allow Marvel to save big time on the CGI budget.

Ms Marvel powers

It’s not that they can’t spend. They are spending a lot on She-Hulk with multiple CGI characters being explored across its 10 episodes. But I believe that creating these bioluminescence energy powers has to be cheaper than creating Ms. Marvel’s comic-accurate stretching/embiggening abilities in live-action. So, Marvel could actually get a good value for Ms. Marvel on Disney+, and every time she shows up in the future.

A Unique & Original Take

iman vellani ms marvel

As we have seen time and time again, Marvel really likes to do their own thing when it comes to MCU’s narrative. They take inspiration from the comics they adapt. But the stories they come up with are always unique and in service of their larger scheme of things. To separate Ms. Marvel from the Inhumans, Marvel is giving us a very unique and original take upon her. In fact, the whole series looks quite different as it is driven by the perspective of a doodling fan-girl teen. So, adding the new powers of Ms. Marvel was a bold and wise decision, considering everything.

To Differentiate and Add More!

Ms Marvel Reed Richards

As it is known, Reed Richards is coming to the MCU soon, and Ms. Marvel’s comic abilities have a similar visual appeal to Mister Fantastic. So, by coming up with original powers, Marvel will differentiate Kamala Khan from Reed Richards. And not just that, her abilities are actually getting an improvement. She can make long-range attacks. She can use her energy constructs to walk mid-air! And she can create energy shields as a defense mechanism. These added abilities would allow her to hold her own alongside powerhouses like Carol and Monica. And with these powers, MCU finally gets its own version of Green Lantern! Well, sorta… Don’t you think???

What are your thoughts on the new powers of Ms. Marvel? Are you intrigued by them or do you think this move will fail? Let us know in the comments.

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