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Why Marvel Refuses To Make Dark, Realistic Movies Like Nolan’s Dark Knight

The Dark Knight was one of the best superhero films ever made. It was also unconventional, filled with cruelty, death, and hatred. Alternately, it was also realistic and nuanced. A far cry from films belonging to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The films Marvel makes are much more kid-friendly and fun.

This is intentional. There are compelling reasons for the fact that The Dark Knight is an exception, rather than the norm. We would explore these reasons in this article. From commercial considerations to being risk-averse, MCU has a number of reasons to not replicate what Christopher Nolan did with The Dark Knight. Are these reasons valid? Should the MCU replicate the themes from TDK? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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1. Fight Scenes suited for Mass-Viewership

Why Marvel does not make dark realestic films like The Dark Knight
A Still from the movie, The Dark Knight

There exists a marked difference between the fight scenes in TDK and most MCU productions. For one, the former had much more cruelty and torture. Moreover, in TDK, there were many, many civilian deaths. Audiences usually like when bad guys are beaten/ killed. The same does not hold true for innocent civilians.TDK saw a lot of innocent bystanders get slaughtered. Further, comic relief in fighting scenes seems quite popular with moviegoers. The fight scenes in MCU films are more tailored for mass viewership.

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2. An Aversion to Death

Why Marvel does not make dark realestic films like The Dark Knight
The Joker, in the film The Dark Knight

MCU does not dwell much on death. Not many civilians are left to die. Often in superhero films, when an innocent civilian is at the cusp of death and danger, rescue arrives on time. It’s so predictable. The TDK had an abundance of death and violence. It had disturbing dialogues (mostly on the part of The Joker) to go with it.

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3. Much More Kid Friendly

Why Marvel does not make dark realestic films like The Dark Knight
A poster of The Dark Knight

Films that are more kid-friendly have a wider appeal and a better shot at making it big at the box office. As simple as that. While TDK had too many adult themes, unsuitable for younger audiences, MCU films don’t have that problem. It is hard to go against such commercial logic, especially in a big-budget film, where a lot of money is at stake.


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4. Happy Endings are more Attractive

Why Marvel does not make dark realestic films
the Joker

Movies that have a feel-good ending are more popular in general. Audiences leave the cinema hall feeling content with the conclusion of the film. Alternately, films with more complicated endings leave things unresolved. The Dark Knight had a thought proving ending. It was nuanced and offered no easy solutions.

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