“Why now?”: Ridley Scott’s Biblical Mistake Made Gladiator 2 Suffer Catastrophic Delay

With fans eagerly anticipating the film, Ridley Scott reveals the real reason behind Gladiator 2 delay.

"Why now?": Ridley Scott's Biblical Mistake Made Gladiator 2 Suffer Catastrophic Delay


  • Ridley Scott revealed that the primary cause of the delay is crafting a gripping script.
  • The film is poised to unravel the mystery behind the capture of Washington's character and delving into his intricate backstory.
  • Russell Crowe tackled the ongoing speculation about his reprisal of Maximus in Gladiator 2.
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The upcoming Gladiator 2 is well underway, although it won’t feature Russell Crowe’s Maximus. Instead, Paul Mescal takes the lead as an adult Lucius, accompanied by familiar faces like Connie Nielsen’s Lucilla, Djimon Hounsou’s former gladiator Juba, and Derek Jacobi’s Senator Gracchus, guiding Lucius on his journey. 

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott

With fans eagerly anticipating the film, excitement is mounting to witness the narrative progression without its original hero. Director Ridley Scott recently discussed the extended timeline for bringing Gladiator 2 to fruition in an interview with Total Film.

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Ridley Scott Reveals The Reason Behind The Delay

According to him, the primary cause of the delay stemmed from the initial challenges in crafting a gripping script. Around four years back, they endeavored to launch the project with a skilled writer. Regrettably, the writer struggled to capture the essence and wrestled with the plot for ten months before acknowledging the setback. Despite the setback, they persisted with the project.

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott

Scott said Total Film:

“Why now? It didn’t have a script [before]. We tried, actually, four years ago, and I chose a very good writer who couldn’t get his head around it. He wrestled. He was terribly upset that he didn’t deliver. He’s a friend of mine. I said, ‘You’re not getting there?’ He said, ‘No.’ That took 10 months. So it went dead. And then we circled the wagons again, coming back with a very obvious idea, and why not? There’s a survivor. The survivor is the son of the union between Lucilla and Maximus.”

The iconic collaboration between Academy Award winner Denzel Washington and director Ridley Scott is set to reignite in Gladiator 2. During the interview, Ridley Scott also offered a glimpse into Washington’s character, describing him as a resentful “wealthy individual” harboring deep animosity toward his tormentors. The film is poised to unravel the mystery behind his capture and branding as a slave, delving into his intricate backstory.


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Russell Crowe’s Reaction to the Upcoming Film

During the interview, The Pope’s Exorcist star tackled the ongoing speculation about his reprisal of Maximus in Gladiator 2. He clarified that his character’s demise in the initial film precluded his involvement in the sequel. Nonetheless, the actor disclosed that he had dedicated significant time to discussions surrounding Gladiator 2.

Russell Crowe in Gladiator
Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Crowe said (via Screendaily):


“They should be f***ing paying me, for the amount of questions I’ve had to answer about a f***ing film that I’m not even in. It’s got nothing to do with me; in that world, I’m dead, six feet under, and that’s that.”

Russell Crowe leads a folk-infused band known as 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, established by him back in 1992. With three albums under their belt, the band frequently takes to the road for tours. While on a tour in Malta, Crowe experienced a wave of nostalgia upon witnessing a complete rendition of the Colosseum set from the original Gladiator film.

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