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Why Only Thanos Could’ve Used the Nano Gauntlet

The Avengers movies culminated in a battle that revolved around the use of the Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet that could handle their powers.

However, there were in fact two gauntlets created over the course of the movies, and both were notoriously difficult to use.

The Infinity Gauntlet

With Avengers: Infinity War, we finally saw the origins of Thanos’ original glove.

It was originally thought to be in Odin’s treasure room, but Hela ousted that as a fake.

In Infinity War, Thor travels to Nivadellir to meet Eitiri. Eitiri is a huge dwarf who works as a blacksmith.

Eitiri in Infinity War
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He was forced into creating the Gauntlet for Thanos. It was designed specifically to handle the energies of all six Infinity Stones and was presumably made from Uru Metal – not the kind of metal you can find on Earth.

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The Nano-Gauntlet

Subsequently, Tony Stark’s Nano-Gauntlet that was crafted in Avengers: Endgame, presumably could not be made from Uru Metal.

As a result of this, it’s highly unlikely it could be built to sustain and handle the energy of all of the Infinity Stones, either.

Hulk with Nano Gauntlet
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This is proven when the Hulk has to snap whilst wearing the Nano-Gauntlet. Even though Thanos is stronger than Hulk, the Hulk is infused with Gamma radiation.

The Nano-Gauntlet is also infused with Gamma radiation, yet the snap still causes the Hulk a lot of damage.

Nano vs Infinity

The Canadian Lad recently uploaded a video that investigates and highlights the difference between the two gloves.

When Thanos snapped at the end of Infinity War, the Infinity Gauntlet held back the energy of the Stones, allowing Thanos to snap with ease.

On the other hand (no pun intended), the Hulk is unable to snap without using all his strength to do so.

This was due to the Nano-Gauntlet not being made from the superior Uru metal, meaning it couldn’t handle the power of the stones as well. The energy of the Stones also damaged the material of the glove itself.

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Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Using this information, we can deduce that only Thanos would’ve been able to successfully use the Nano-Gauntlet again.

Bear in mind, Thanos was able to snap the Infinity Gauntlet twice and sustained nearly as much damage as the Hulk did with one ‘snap’.

Tony and the Snap

Now, when it comes to Tony Stark using the Nano-Gauntlet, we can actually see how it works. When he snaps, Tony is wearing the Mark 85 Iron Man armor. This suit is also made of the same material as the Nano-Gauntlet.

Effectively, he is wearing one huge Gauntlet.

Tony with Gauntlet
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

This can be evidenced in the movie, with the scene in question. The energies surge not just through the glove, but also through Tony’s suit.

It seems without the suit, Tony would never have been able to make it through to the snap.

So, it seems Tony could only snap because of his suit. The Hulk only survived as he was infused with Gamma radiation. However, Thanos seems to have no such weaknesses. Although we can’t be sure, Thanos is most likely to be the only one who can handle the Nano-Gauntlet.

Source: Quirky Byte

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