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12 Reasons People Had Stopped Visiting Disneyland Even Before COVID

12 Reasons People Had Stopped Visiting Disneyland Even Before COVID
Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland Anaheim California
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Disneyland is the dream place of not only kids but adults too. Every Disney fan wants to visit Disneyland and take pictures with their favorite characters and enjoy the rides. Lately, people stopped visiting Disneyland even before the pandemic, and here are 12 Reasons People Had Stopped Visiting Disneyland Even Before COVID.

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1. It’s very crowded

The giant queues are one of the main reasons why people think hundred times before they actually decide to go. No one wants to spend their time just waiting in line to enter the place.

2. Expensive

Even the basic ticket is over one hundred dollars, which makes it expensive for most people who just want to hang out and chill and get their minds to freshen up to get back to work/school. Paying $100 just to spend a few hours somewhere doesn’t make sense to many people.

3. Waiting lines for rides

If you have waited to get the entry and now you wanna go to rides then you will have to wait another couple of hours till you get your chance. There are apps that tell you the exact time you have to wait for any ride and sometimes you will get to see 3-4 hours of waiting time. 

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4. Stroller Parking

If you have a small kid that uses a stroller then you can relate to this one. If you take the stroller with you then you have to leave it in the stroller parking area and because there are way too many strollers in the parking area it becomes a very difficult task to get yours out of all the strollers. 

5. Characters being rude to children

We all know how tiring it can be wearing a heavy costume for hours and entertaining everyone. Maybe that’s why sometimes the characters get irritated and behave rudely to kids. One girl posted a picture with a character and revealed in the caption that the character pulled her ponytail very hardly. 

6. Unavailable rides

People invest their time by waiting in lines and then they get to see the ride they really wanted to enjoy is closed. Isn’t that sad how you spend so much money and time and then don’t get to enjoy your favorite ride.

7. Weather 

Even if people don’t mind spending time and money they surely mind the weather and the overheating. No one likes to be all stand in a crowd where everyone is just sweating their clothes off because of how hot the weather is. 

8. Food

The food you get in Disney Land is nothing but the Cafeteria meal but you just have to pay the cash off to get yourself a basic cafeteria meal. 

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9. Find Your Car Game

After you spend hours walking around in Disney Land and then you decide to go back home, then the actual game starts. The car parking is huge because there are thousands of people visiting Disney Land every day and it is actually a really big task to get to find your car out of all the cars and get back.

10. Disneyland is becoming so overrated 

Disneyland is just becoming overrated these days because we have so many amusement parks now. It’s the 21st century and we have other options to spend our time and get ourselves involved with. 

11. It’s too huge

Disneyland is too huge that you can’t experience all the things in one go. You will definitely have to come back again to see the rest of the attractions or you will have to stay in the hotel in Disneyland.


12. Hotels

If you have visited there for the first time then either you will have to go back and come back again to see all the attractions because you can’t see everything in one day or you will have to stay in a hotel. Hotels there are quite expensive. Not everyone can afford to stay in their overpriced hotels for even one night. 

Written by Ramya Khera