Why Sam Raimi Is The Perfect Director To Revive Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

The Batman is out and it has been making it big at the box office. The critics have loved it. The fans have adored it. Robert Pattinson was brilliant and so were the other villains. You’ve gotta appreciate the world that Matt Reeves built with his noir take on the character. But still, don’t you think that there was an element missing? I mean, not to take anything away from this brilliant effort, but to think that this Batman will never crossover with other DC heroes from the Justice League is not comforting. That’s why we need DCEU’s Batman to stay. We need Ben Affleck’s Batman movie to be revived.

There are many fans who love Batfleck. And all those fans were devastated when his movie got canceled. He couldn’t finish the script due to personal reasons in his life and so WB called in Matt Reeves. But Reeves didn’t want to direct that DCEU centric movie because he couldn’t connect with it personally. He told Esquire that he wanted to direct a film that’s personal to him and that’s what he did. His pitch was good, so WB went forward with it, and that’s totally understandable. But we’ve already talked about why Affleck’s Batsy should make his return.

Affleck Survives?


Last year, we had a running rumor that Batfleck will be permanently replaced with Michael Keaton. Affleck openly stated in an interview that he donned the Cape and the Cowl for the last time in The Flash. And Keaton’s casting in HBO Max’s Batgirl also supported that. But recently, a screening of The Flash happened and Industry Insiders like Grace Randolph along with several others reported that Affleck was not going to die in it. So, we’re still not aware of what will happen since The Flash will arrive in mid-2023 now. But we can still hope, can’t we? And if a revival has to happen, then we’ve probably found the perfect guy for it in Sam Raimi!

Why Sam Raimi Should Direct Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

Recently in an interview with Empire, Raimi expressed his interest in directing a Batman movie. He said, “I’ve always loved Batman. If I ever saw the Batsignal up in the air, I’d come running.” He is a horror movie director who had experience with the Superhero genre through his Spider-Man trilogy. So when Scott Derrickson left Doctor Strange 2, he was the perfect guy to take over the Marvel movie with “horror sequences” in it. And once Multiverse of Madness turns out to be successful, maybe WB should get him on for another Batman movie and give the fans what they wanted right from the beginning!

There are many fans who still want that Batman vs. Deathstroke movie we now know so much about. Affleck had most boxes ticked with his portrayal. And he wasn’t shown to be the greatest of detectives, that could have been fixed with his solo movie. WB plucked James Gunn out of the MCU. So they could do that with Sam Raimi too. His reputation, his experience with the Superhero genre, and his willingness to direct Batman should make him the perfect candidate for the job. I really feel that he could do justice to both Bruce Wayne, Batman, and even Deathstroke!

What do you guys think about this idea? Should Ben Affleck’s Batman movie still be made?

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Written by Neal Johnson