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Why Scientists Are Saying Gravity Is World’s Most Inaccurate Space Movie

Why Scientists Are Saying Gravity Is Worlds Most Inaccurate Space Movie

Space-centric movies have managed to attract fans ever since their inception. The seemingly never-ending stream of such films sometimes hit the spot, and other times miss it. While some are considered highly plausible and, therefore, accurate, some are purely fictional. Bands of Astronauts and scientists line up to comment after each release. Unfortunately, many modern space films have leaned a little too hard into dramatic effects. There are so many impossible outcomes for the scientific community to approve still. The 2001 sci-fi blockbuster, “A Space Odyssey,” was a success. Epic visuals like “The Martian” remain on the good side of these intellectuals. However, notorious movies like “Gravity” leave them stumped and not necessarily in a good way.

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, though received much critical acclaim, left many loopholes for the plot to fall through. The story revolves around Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, playing astronauts on a shuttle mission. They are left stranded in space when tragedy befalls and thus begins the series of unfortunate events.

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The movie, though scientifically inaccurate, manages to incite emotion. Certain scenes like Matt (George) floating away into space made everyone tear up.

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The issue raised by scientists was the extreme circumstances that kept the movie stringing. The technical issues that led to Sandra being stranded seemed too artificial. NASA scientists went on record saying that everything that could go wrong went wrong. This seemed unrealistic, to say the least.

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Though, to be fair, Hollywood will add its share of spice when its production is this huge. So even though it is highly unlikely that all backups and quantified formulas fail to function. Even in a high-pressure scenario, it is the movie makers’ job to work their way around the scantiest of probabilities.

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Scientists and even fans snickered when Sandra Bullock moved through orbits like it was a piece of cake. Astronauts also commented on the inaccuracy of her wardrobe, particularly in one scene. The scene where she takes off her space-suit and appears to have been wearing cute underwear. Real-life astronauts are made to wear diapers which is an example of the lack of attention to detail.

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