“Why should people pay $13.50 to watch you”: Samuel L. Jackson Would Never Endorse Johnny Depp’s One Habit Despite His Box Office Hits

Samuel L. Jackson Would Never Endorse Johnny Depp's One Habit Despite His Box Office Hits
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Johnny Depp has gone through highs and lows in his career after entering the entertainment world in the 1980s. He continued to showcase his impeccable acting talent in the 1990s which led him to become a commercially successful actor in the next decade, including his work in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

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This role led him to gain international prominence but when it comes to watching his own work, he is not in the same league as an acclaimed actor, Samuel L. Jackson. Even the latter has claimed that he would never endorse this one habit even after several box-office hits.


Samuel L. Jackson Addressed 1 Habit That Some Actors Often Do!

Samuel L. Jackson in a still from Secret Invasion
Samuel L. Jackson in a still from Secret Invasion

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In an interview on 60 Minutes, Samuel L. Jackson threw light on his stunning career, where he opened up his thoughts on whether he watched his films. Unlike other actors who shy away from evading the question, in a classic Samuel L. Jackson fashion, he felt proud of whatever he did. He responded with an affirming tone, “Yes, I do.”

When asked if he likes watching himself on screen, he answered, 


“I do. I used to, you know, when I was doin’ theater in New York, I always wanted to see the play I was in with me in it.”

He made sure to clarify his viewpoint clearly as he mentioned, 

“I always think that, “Oh, I can’t stand to watch myself,” is like some bulls**t.”

He made sure to take a subtle dig at actors who don’t appreciate their work. 

“And so it’s like, “Really? It’s a watch me business. And if you can’t watch it, why should people pay $13.50 to watch you do it?”

While he did not refer to Johnny Depp in particular, some people connected the dots between the duo as the latter has publicly admitted to not watching his own films. 


Johnny Depp Doesn’t Watch His Movies!

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

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Depp has been consistent with his habit of not watching his work. He has continued to stand steadfast in his views on several occasions over the years. As to what led him to have that perspective, it is quite simple as one would think. 

In a 2009 appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, he addressed the topic stating,


“In a way, you know, once my job is done on the film. It’s really none of my business.” 

When the host asked if he deliberately avoids watching his final product, he replied, 

“Yeah, I stay as far away. If I can, I’d try to stay in as profound a state of ignorance as possible.” 

His side also makes sense since he wanted viewers to find what they like in his work rather than him thinking about the same. Meanwhile, the Marvel actor’s work represents a part of him that he feels extremely proud of. As to who the Star Wars actor really thought of during his remarks, remains a mystery on its own. 

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