Why Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Will Be Better Than Love, Death, And Robots

The Star Wars universe has been fascinating fans with its films for decades now. So much so, that it has a dedicated set of fans who are always hungry for more Star Wars content. Fortunately, for these fans, Star Wars has come out with several TV series. This provides a whole world of amazing content and great stories. However, there is one show that deserves much more attention. It is Star Wars: Visions, the animated series.

Released in September 2021, it had an ingenious concept behind it. There were 9 short films produced by 7 different Japanese animation studios. Fans absolutely loved it, and it won critical acclaim. We list 5 reasons why it was the best thing to happen to the Star War universe. And here’s why Star wars fans think Visions season 2 could give Netflix’s Love, death, and Robots a run for its money.

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1. The Lightsabers In Star Wars: Visions Were Fantastic

why Star Wars: Visions was is one of the best things to happen to the Star Wars universe
A still from Visions depicting a character with a lightsaber

Star Wars: Visions had amazing lightsaber designs. A mix of Japanese and Star Wars imagery produced beautiful lightsaber designs that remain one of the highlights of the animated series. Further, these artistic lightsabers were used in awesome battles. Easily, the lightsaber battles in Visions were one of the best in the entire Star Wars universe.

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2. Impressive Voice Cast

why Star Wars: Visions was is one of the best things to happen to the Star Wars universe
A poster of Star Wars: Visions

Being an animated series, getting the voice actors right was vital. Beautiful visuals and good storylines are incomplete without a good voice cast. Visions aced here as well. For the English version, they assembled a talented voice cast that did a great job.

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3. Stepping Beyond The The Traditional Canon

why Star Wars: Visions was is one of the best things to happen to the Star Wars universe
A combat scene from Visions

When it comes to stories, Star Wars has usually gone with its traditional canon. Visions broke through the chains and delivered fresh characters, storylines, and locations. This made it even more interesting and fun to watch. While abiding by the broad Star Wars themes, the stories in this animated series were a breath of fresh air. Going beyond the traditional Star Wars canon made this show a trailblazer.

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4. Star Wars: Visions Explored The Sith

why Star Wars: Visions was is one of the best things to happen to the Star Wars universe
A Still from the animated series depicting Ronin

Over the years, the Sith has been given quite a unidimensional persona. The character had hitherto been shallow. Visions however provided much-needed depth and nuance to the villain. This should be emulated by films and series made on Star Wars. Giving depth and nuance to vital characters is always a good idea.

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5. The Stories!

why this animated series was is one of the best things to happen to the franchise
A Still from the series

Star Wars: Visions had great stories that were original and provided a fresh take on many important events. A treat to watch for any Star Wars fan, the storylines in this animated series were path-breaking and Visions deserves much more acclaim than it gets. Do watch this animated anthology series and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

Star Wars: Visions is available to stream on Disney+. Netflix released the Love, Death and Robots season 3 on the 20th of May.

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