Why The CW Cancelled So Many Shows – The Reason is a Brutal 2022

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On May 12, CW was left with only 11 original scripts of the series that are coming up this year. They include new seasons of old series or just fresh series. But the total number of series that were actually panned by the network was 19. And they had to be canceled. CW had worked years into expanding over the years. With a number of shows released every year, despite the ratings. But now as it is soon set to be sold to Nexstar, only the ones with better ratings were allowed to make the cut.


The reason behind the cancelation of shows by the CW

The reason behind the cancelation of shows by the CW
The reason behind the cancelation of shows by the CW

CW functioned as the extension of other parent networks like Warner Bros. TV and CBS TV Studios. It helped the two studios launch the series that they wanted both on streaming and international. Also, the renewals depended on their value of it to the studio and not just the network. That is why low-rated shows ran for seasons on the network.

Change in strategy led to the cancelation of popular shows on CW
Changes in strategy led to the cancelation of popular shows

But now with the sale of the network, WB and Paramount still have minority stakes and can supply programming. But their interest would not be higher than CW itself. This led to the cancelation of a number of series including, Legends of Tomorrow, Legacies, and In The Dark. Though CW was willing to renew the shows, their studios refused for business reasons.


The new era of CW is going to be a little different

Though the network lost a number of shows, it also got a few new scripted programming. It includes Leonardo, Family Law, and Professionals. Also, the once-in-a-week pattern for original shows like Riverdale and Nancy Drew might change. They would now be concentrated on the weekday pattern, Monday to Thursday.

New shows will be added to CW
New shows will be added to the network

Though there are a lot of speculations on how the network will be now, it is hard to know for sure. But there will be some significant changes and the network will not be how it was before. With Mark Pedowitz, it will be committed to the diverse theme it has always followed. And would include more representation of various societies and the LGBT community.

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