Why Tom Cruise Waited for 36 Years to Make Top Gun Sequel

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Tom Cruise is back with more wisdom and maturity in the recently released Top Gun:Maverick. This film sequel was made 36 years after the original release Top Gun. This is a huge time difference for a sequel as big as this film to release. The sequel, Top Gun:Maverick awaited a theatre release for two years. It is big budget, best stars and in air stunts thus, the movie had to have its in theatre release. COVID restrictions made the film release wait for two years, still fans are showering it with positive responses.

Top Gun 1986
Top Gun (1986)

Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer have their reasons to keep the sequel safely grounded until the time was right

In an interview with Total Film, Cruise and Bruckheimer gave reasons on why the sequel took time. Cruise mentions waiting for the technology to reach a point where he can put the audience into the cockpit.


“Just through time, the story was never right. I don’t do things just to ‘do’ it,” Cruise explained, adding later that he originally “wasn’t interested in doing a sequel. All over the whole world, people were asking for it, and asking for it. [Producers Don] Simpson and Bruckheimer — I remember back in ’87, they had an idea. It was the germ of the idea, actually, that ended up with the concept of [the sequel].”

Tom Cruise said the original idea for Top Gun: Maverick was never even ready until he took a long, hard look, talking it over with director Joe Kosinski while filming Oblivion in 2013 together.

“I had lots of discussions for years with Tony [actor Anthony Edwards, who played Top Gun’s ill-fated Goose], with Jerry, with McQ [Maverick co-writer Christopher McQuarrie] about it,” Cruise said, “and when I was doing Oblivion, talking to Joe…I just had to wait for that right moment. And I realized it was either going to be now or never. And basically, I liked the concept of the idea. And I was like, ‘Alright.’”

“Joe had an idea for the movie,” added Bruckheimer. “And Tom loved the idea. And we loved it. So that’s where it all started.”

Tom Cruise behind the scene in Top Gun :Maverick
Tom Cruise behind the scene in Top Gun:Maverick

The time taken to get this sequel in theatres is definitely worth it. Fans have given a positive response and have enjoyed the breath taking stunts Tom Cruise performs

Tom Cruise gave a message to the fans as Top Gun:Maverick released in the theatres

Tom Cruise gave fans a message on INSTAGRAM
Tom Cruise took to Instagram to share a sweet message to the fans.

Cruise took to Instagram, to share a sweet message to the fans. He told fans the film is made for the big screen and hopes we enjoy the weekend ride.


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