How MCU Has Destroyed Any Chances of a Doctor Fate Movie


There have been rumours about a possible Doctor Fate movie for a while now. In the DCEU movie Black Adam, Pierce Brosnan will make his acting debut as Doctor Fate. However, the character might now have a difficult time because of how comparable his background story is to Moon Knight’s in the Marvel Universe. Marvel and DC have each featured numerous superheroes with resembling storylines and abilities over the years. Sometimes the parallels are so glaring that they complicate the live-action portrayal of a character with the risk of appearing copied. This is how it might transpire in Doctor Fate’s case:

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Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate in Black Adam.
Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate in Black Adam.

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Everything to know about Doctor Fate:

Doctor Fate in the comics.
Doctor Fate in the DC comics.

After gaining the Helmet of Nabu and the Amulet of Anubis, which endowed them with a vast range of supernatural abilities and magical weaponry, various DC characters took the name Doctor Fate. The first Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson, played a significant role in Golden Age squads like the All-Star Squadron and the Justice League’s forerunner, the Justice Society of America, serving as the world’s top sorcery defender. So yes, you must be thinking that Doctor Fate is the direct DC counterpart of Doctor Strange due to all of these traits. However, Brosnan’s character has another character to be more concerned about, and that is Moon Knight.

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Doctor Fate’s similarity to Moon Knight:

MCU series Moon Knight identical to DC's Doctor Fate.
MCU’s latest series, Moon Knight.

While exploring a site in Mesopotamia, Kent Nelson initially had a supernatural encounter with the celestial being Nabu. Nabu took Kent in his care and picked him as his host, transforming him into a new Lords of Order incarnation. Kent began to doubt his own existence as a result of Nabu controlling his mind and body and giving him an outfit, cape, and headgear. The Egyptian gods eventually selected Khalid Nassour, one of Kent Nelson’s children, as a new avatar, which Nabu could reach through the Helmet of Fate. Everything about this is remarkably reminiscent to Marvel’s Moon Knight, right down to the old tomb, the cunning god, and the mental struggles the protagonist faces.

Given the popularity of Moon Knight and how shortly Black Adam will be released in October 2022, Doctor Fate might appear as an imitation of the MCU. However, in reality, Doctor Fate actually made his debut in 1940, 35 years before Marvel’s Moon Knight. Now, the strikingly identical origin stories, mythical backgrounds, and character arcs of Doctor Fate and Moon Knight might compel Black Adam to reinvent the legendary Golden Age hero. Fortunately for us, Doctor Fate has access to more than 80 years of comic book lore and a wealth of intricate narratives that should help it stand out and hopefully provide us with a solid solo movie very soon.


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