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Wild Doctor Strange 2 Theory Perfectly Explains Why Third Eye CGI Looks So Bad

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was clearly not the movie everyone thought it would be. In a nutshell, it was….well, different. And we appreciate Sam Raimi for making the effort to experiment. But to say that the movie was not without flaws would be lying. Of the many, many criticism it gets is the pathetic Third Eye CGI in Doctor Strange 2 that makes even fan posters made by High schoolers look cooler. Why was the third eye CGI that pathetic in Doctor Strange 2? Was Marvel trying to hide something or were they really THAT incompetent?

Sinister Strange Third Eye
Sinister Strange Third Eye

This new Doctor Strange 2 theory perfectly sums up why the Third Eye CGi in the movie was that horrible. And to be honest, it is the closest possible explanation we might ever get to justify that whole screw up.

The Third Eye In Doctor Strange 2 – EXPLAINED

Doctor Strange - Third Eye
Doctor Strange – Third Eye

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we see Stephen Strange resort to drastic measure to keep the Scarlet Witch from enslaving the multiverse. The reason the Scarlet Witch is able to do what she did in the movie was all because of the power granted by the Darkhold. The Darkhold’s ancient spells allowed Wanda to beat the Illuminati and even stand up to Doctor Strange himself. After Strange is trapped in an alternate universe, he manages to defeat his evil counterpart and get that universe’s Darkhold.

Doctor Strange - Sinister Strange
Doctor Strange – Sinister Strange

The Darkhold’s corrupting influence was the primary reason Wanda became evil in the movie. But for strange, the corruption came in a different form. Like Sinister Strange, Doctor Strange of the MCU gained a third eye on his forehead. In the comic books, Doctor Strange’s third eye opens up everytime he is using powerful spells via the Eye of Agamotto. But the movie changes it to as a symbol of corruption. It’s a mark that denotes Doctor Strange has dabbled with forces beyond hos comprehension.

Why The Third Eye CGI Was So Bad – The Answer Is In The Post Credits

Clea - Doctor Strange 2 Post Credits
Clea – Doctor Strange 2 Post Credits

No matter how you look at it, the third eye special effects in Multiverse of Madness look like a patchwork of sorts. It looks like they scenes were put together haphazardly, as if it were trying to hide something. But why would Marvel Studios want to do that? But after hearing to what we have to say, you may ask – why wouldn’t they!

Clea - Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension
Clea – Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension

The post credits sequence in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduces us to Charlize Theron’s Clea. She asks Doctor Strange for help because he has somehow created an incursion. Clea cuts open a portal which looks like a realm we have already seen in a previous MCU film. As Strange opens his third eye and the scene cuts to black, we have a solid explanation to justify the bad CGI.

MCU Theory: Third Eye CGI Was Haphazardly Created To Hide The Mark Of Dormammu

Kaecilius - Mark of Dormammu
Kaecilius – Mark of Dormammu

Dormammu, the dark lord and entity of pure dark magic was first seen in Doctor Strange (2016). Kaecilius and his zealots were almost successful in bringing him to this realm before Doctor Strange conned him away. In the movie, we see that every sorcerer who channels the power of the Dark Dimension has a mark on their forehead. Kaecilius had it. Even the Ancient One had it. The mark appears and becomes more prominent the more you use Dormammu’s powers.

The Ancient One - Doctor Strange
The Ancient One – Doctor Strange

The theory states that the movie’s initial version had Doctor Strange get the Mark of Dormammu on his forehead for using powerful dark magic. But Marvel Studios probably changed it because they did not want the fans to get confused as to who was the actual villain. the third eye CGI was added later to Doctor Strange 2, right before the theatrical release. This is the best that Marvel’s designer team could come up with in such short notice. The post credits scene teasing the return of the Dark Dimension means Dormammu is coming back. They just didn’t want the audience to know till the very end of the film.

Dormammu - Doctor Strange (2016)
Dormammu – Doctor Strange (2016)

But now that Doctor Strange has embraced the power of the Dark Lord, will he be able to resist the temptation and help Clea push back Dormammu?

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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