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Wild Doctor Strange 2 Theory Teases Major Main Villain Twist

We are mere weeks aways from witnessing history unfold in the theatres on May 6. And it is time to address the wildest Doctor Strange 2 theory that has taken up the internet by storm. Even though the movie’s release date is almost upon us, there’s still no news on the actual main villain in Multiverse of Madness. This Doctor Strange 2 theory may have finally given us an answer to that question.

Doctor Strange 2 - Villain Theory
Doctor Strange 2 – Villain Theory

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness aims to shake things up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tons of new characters and story elements will be introduced in the film. And this Doctor Strange 2 theory not only builds on that but (if true) could make the movie even more enjoyable.

Doctor Strange 2 Theory: The Main Villain Isn’t Illuminati

Doctor Strange 2 Illuminati
Doctor Strange 2 Illuminati

The Illuminati are set to make a splash in Doctor Strange 2. In the comic books, they are a group made up of the greatest minds from every major faction of the planet. Members like Professor X, Reed Richards, and Iron Man come together to share information and manipulate world events in secret all in the name of protecting the universe from itself.

Doctor Strange 2 - Illuminati may not be the true villains
Doctor Strange 2 – Illuminati may not be the true villains

It was previously theorized that Doctor Strange 2 will see Illuminati prosecute Strange for meddling with the Multiverse. This Doctor Strange 2 theory rebukes that hypothesis and establishes a whole new foundation. The Illuminati do have a role to play but their role isn’t about playing the big bad wolf in the film.

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Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Darkhold Corrupts Strange, Turns Him Into Nightmare

Doctor Strange 2 - The Real Villain is Nightmare Strange
Doctor Strange 2 – The Real Villain is Nightmare Strange

Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold will be making an appearance in Multiverse of Madness. The Darkhold, otherwise known as the Book of Sins, is a manuscript containing various potent dark spells. The Doctor Strange 2 theory states that in one alternate timeline/reality, Doctor Strange got hold of the Darkhold and used its spell to save the day. The Darkhold has a corrupting effect on its user, an effect that is already being felt by Wanda Maximoff. Her Scarlet Witch costume is significantly darker, indicating that using it is slowly turning her evil.

Zombie Strange - Doctor Strange 2 Theory
Zombie Strange – Doctor Strange 2 Theory

In an alternate reality, Doctor Strange gets hold of the Darkhold and uses it to save the day even though he knew he is breaking the rules. The Evil Wanda seen in the trailer could just be a mind controlled alternate Wanda variant under Nightmare/Zombie Strange’s Control. It is not like Strange has not done it before. In Doctor Strange, he used forbidden time manipulation magic to defeat Dormammu. In No Way Home, strange used another taboo spell even after repeated warnings from Wong. Strange has a penchant for bending the rules when he sees fit.

The Illuminati Is Destroying Every Universe With A Doctor Strange That Grows Too Powerful

Illuminati - Marvel Cinematic Universe
Illuminati – Marvel Cinematic Universe

And this is where the Illuminati comes in. Fans are still asking if the Illuminati are after people who toyed with the multiverse, then why isn’t Loki in one of those cells? A simple explanation is that the Illuminati aren’t after protecting the multiverse from everyone. they are only after universes that have a Sorcerer Supreme whose power grows beyond control.

MCu - The Darkhold
Doctor Strange 2 – Darkhold

Now according to this Doctor Strange 2 theory, an alternate universe Doctor Strange used the arkhold that ended up corrupting him but also increasing his power to Godlike levels. It is to ensure no other Doctor Strange variant gains that kind of power is why they have Stephen Strange under custody. Strange’s actions in No Way Home must have signalled that his powers are increasing at an alarming rate. For the Illuminati, this is an intervention. They don’t want Stephen Strange to get corrupted and end up becoming another Nightmare like entity.

Enter Wanda Maximoff & The Doctor Strange Variants

Wanda Maximoff
Doctor Strange 2 Wanda Maximoff

The movie features multiple alternate reality variants of Strange. This Doctor Strange 2 theory states that these variants are actually survivors of Illuminati’s onslaught. When a specific Strange variant’s power went above permissible levels, their respective universe was destroyed by the Illuminati as a form of precaution. Yet somehow they survived and are now acting as a form of resistance against the Illuminati.

Doctor Strange 2 Theory - The Main Villain Twist
Doctor Strange 2 – The Main Villain Twist

Sinister Strange and Defender Strange instruct Strange to look for Wanda maximoff. Considering she is this universe’s foremost authority on the Darkhold and the threat of Nightmare/Zombie Strange looms near, her expertise of the Darkhold will be instrumental in defeating him.


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