Wildly Stupid Superhero Movies That Were Career Suicide For These Insanely Talented Actors

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This decade and the ones that come after will define the era of superhero movies. But not all superhero movies manage to bag the front row seat at success. Some of these superhero movies are so bad even this extremely talented stars couldn’t save them.


In fact, these superhero movies almost brought down the career of these now famous stars. Some of them still suffer through the backlash of it all.

X-Men: Apocalypse – Oscar Isaac Slayed, The Movie? Not So Much

Can oscar Isaac's performance in moon knight redeem him for Apocalypse
Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse

We have said it before and we will say it again – Apocalypse is a way better villain than Thanos. Thanos is all about bringing the world to its knees. Apocalypse has a deeper sense of purpose. Like Magneto, he is all about mutant rights but his schemes are grander and much more deep rooted. His powers are also varied and vast, which makes him double the threat.


En Sabah Nur finally came to the big screens in the Fox movie – X-Men: Apocalypse. We will leave this entry at that. The movie had such a paper thin plot even Amber Heard’s testimony looked like Dante’s Inferno. Isaac’s talents were wasted here.

Suicide Squad – Jared Leto’s Joker Suffered A Case Of Bad Writing

Top films of Jared Leto
Leto as The Joker

2016’s Suicide Squad is what we would call a clusterf*ck, in the simplest and meanest of terms. The DC Extended Universe really dropped the ball here. While it did have its moments but from an overall angle, the movie had nothing better to offer.

One of the worst highlights of the movie was Jared Leto’s Joker. The actor was unfairly compared to Heath Ledger although both the actors have acting chops that are light years apart in range and technique. Jared Leto is one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. But Suicide Squad made him look like a clown, and that is the irony right there.


Fant4stic – Michael B. Jordan Could Have Done So Much More

2015 Fantastic Four Reboot.
2015 Fantastic Four Reboot

We don’t know exactly what inspired Josh Trank to make this weird sci-fi superhero film on the most iconic Marvel superhero team. It looked like a generic superhero origin story that was mixed with elements of intense body horror. Fans still talk about hos colossally bad Fant4stic was. But we still cannot get over how Fox butchered the Human Torch.

We do not mind the unnecessary race swapping to be honest. As long as the actor is fit for the role, anything goes. But when you have talented actors like Michael B. Jordan on board and you still screw it up, you know you are doing something wrong.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix: Jessica Chastain Lost Way Before The Movie Bombed

Jessica Chastain - Dark Phoenix
Jessica Chastain – Dark Phoenix

In Dark Phoenix, the character Jessica Chastain played was Vuk, leader of an alien shape-shifting race called the D’Bari. The D’Bari operatives intend to capture the Phoenix and use it to reclaim their home. Pretty straightforward story. But the catch is that Dark Phoenix was a convoluted mess.


Fox should have killed the X-Men sequel movies while the franchise was still ahead. Chastain, mind you, in an award winning actor we all adore and respect. The Dark Phoenix writers should not have done her so dirty.

Hellboy – David Harbour Deserved Better Than This Cringe Fest

hellboy - david harbour
Hellboy Reboot – David Harbour

David Harbour made his name playing supporting characters. In a business as cutthroat as Hollywood’s, that is no easy feat. Only lead actors manage to bag big budget projects. Harbour started with minor roles but still ended up bagging the role of the lead in the Hellboy Reboot.

That was almost career suicide for Harbour. replacing Ron perlman was already a hefty task and his cringeworthy lines he got in the movie did not make the job any easier.


Jonah Hex – Josh Brolin Couldn’t Save This Sinking Western

stars who regret superhero projects
Jonah Hex

Long before Brolin played Cable in deadpool 2 and Thanos in MCU, he played the role of an obscure DC hero named Jonah Hex in a 2010 movie. The reason you are hearing about it for the first time is because it was so bad people didn’t even feel like talking about it.

The critics and the fans blasted the movie for being this pathetic. Brolin did have his revenge though. The same year, he starred in another western revisionist film – True Grit, which was universally acclaimed.


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