“Will feature blood”: Chilling Details From Dragon Ball Daima Sends Anime Fans into Frenzy

Dragon Ball fans are ready to see bloody fights in Dragon Ball Daima.

Chilling Details From Dragon Ball Daima Sends Anime Fans into Frenzy


  • Dragon Ball Daima will see our beloved Z Warriors venture into a new story, where they have been transformed back into their kid selves and are looking to find the person behind the evil task.
  • Recently, a social media post mentioned that Dragon Ball Daima will feature blood and the fans are rejoicing with joy since it is bound to remind them of the Dragon Ball Z days.
  • Dragon Ball Z used to feature blood, but for some reason Dragon Ball Super did not show any bloody scenes.
  • Considering that the franchise has brutal fight scenes, blood is bound to make all of them comprehensively more authentic.
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Every anime fandom is enjoying their respective favorite anime but Dragon Ball fans were in a dilemma since it has been years since the last Dragon Ball Super episode was released. Even though they were treated to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, the anime was still severely missed. But after the announcement of Dragon Ball Daima, all the dilemma seems to have vanished.


The new anime will be a canon and will be Akira Toriyama’s next project. It is scheduled to release in 2024. But before that few facts have surfaced surrounding Dragon Ball Daima, and the fans could not be any more excited. One important feature of Dragon Ball Z that was missed in Dragon Ball Super will be present in Dragon Ball Daima.

Dragon Ball Daima Will Bring Back Blood

an image from dragon ball daima trailer
Son Goku from Dragon Ball DAIMA

The excitement surrounding Dragon Ball Daima was pretty high since Goku and Vegeta were going to return. But this time, there was a twist. Goku and Vegeta, along with others would be turned into kids and their main motive will be to find the person who did it and undo it. Recently, a post on X (formerly Twitter) revealed the summary of the story and it sent the fans into a frenzy.



The post said that the first episode of Dragon Ball Daima will feature a transition from Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super. It also said that the story will have two villains, who will join hands to transform the Z Warriors into their kid form using a curse. Unfortunately, Dragon Balls cannot undo a curse, so they will have to opt for a different method to reverse it.

vegeta bleeding in dragon ball z
Vegeta bleeding in Dragon Ball Z

The main point that excited the Dragon Ball was that the anime was going to feature blood. It means that it will have brutal fight scenes and won’t just stop at bruises. Blood used to be pretty common in Dragon Ball Z, but in Dragon Ball Super they took a different approach and did not feature blood at all. Seeing that the anime is bringing it back, the expectation surrounding it seems to have sky-rocketed.


More on Dragon Ball Daima

Dragon Ball Daima was confirmed on October 12, 2023, and was scheduled for October 2024. It approached a different storytelling, than its predecessors. In Dragon Ball GT, Son Goku was transformed into a kind, but that was non-canon. But Daima will be canon and everyone would be turned back into their kid selves.

Dragon Ball Daima
Dragon Ball Daima Poster

Many fans predict that Dabura might be behind this evil task but nothing has been confirmed as of now. Two mysterious figures were seen to notice the Z Warriors’ movements. It will be interesting to see how the story develops. Fans are expecting to get more updates on the anime before the anime releases. But for now, they are content with the bringing back of blood in the anime. The Dragon Ball franchise has a lot of fights, so that is surely going to be a great addition.

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