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‘Will Flop Hard Without Nic Cage”: Internet Vows to Review-Bomb New Disney+ National Treasure Series If Nicolas Cage Isn’t In It.

The National Treasure Series Title is finally revealed by Disney, and it has some promising adventures. While there is still discussion about a third movie being released on the National Treasure franchise, Disney+ has a new TV series for us, based on the much loved Nicolas Cage franchise, coming. The title of the series has finally been revealed and it raises the expectations for new exciting adventures. Although this time they won’t be featuring Nic Cage, they are going to have some connections to the films.

Nicholas Cage
Nicolas Cage

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The title of the Disney+ series:

The title of the new series
The title of the new series

The Twitter account of Disney’s National Treasure Series has revealed the title of the show. It will be called the National Treasure: Edge of the History. The title, as well as the appearance of the logo, has set the fans excited about the new show, which will be portraying a new set of characters and a new storyline for the viewers. We don’t have many details about the plot of the show, at the moment but the logo and the title gives us Indiana Jones-style action sequence vibes. The same thing made the original movie a super hit at the box office.

Recently, Nicolas Cage revealed that there is a possibility of National Treasure 3 to be held on for now, because the focus is on the new series that will be released on the Disney+ platform. If the show becomes hit on the platform, then Cage will be put in the movie back by someone or the other. There is no better time than this to come back as Benjamin Franklin Gates, as he just had a huge hit with The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

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Are there going to be any familiar faces in the Disney+ National Treasure?

National Treasure
National Treasure

National Treasure: Edge of the History has confirmed that they will be bringing a new character set, with Lisette Alexis and Catherine Zeta-Jones, but the original star, Justin Bartha will be playing his role as Riley Poole in the series. Since Bartha had played Poole in the previous two movies, there will be provided a link to the previous movies in the franchise.

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Will Nicolas Cage make his appearance?

National Treasure: Edge of the History will also be starring Zuri Reed as Tasha, Jordan Rodrigues as Ethan, Antonio Cipriano as Oren, Jake Austin Walker as Liam and Lyndon Smith will play FBI Agent Ross. We still don’t have anything confirmed when it comes to Nicolas Cage. We don’t know if he will appear in the series with a guest appearance but we can still expect it. Diane Kruger, who was his former co-star has also said that she does not know anything about it, but if a third movie took place, she will be happy to join in. She said that they are too old now and it has been quite some time.

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Are the fans angry with Cage not making an appearance?

Cage in National Treasure
Cage in National Treasure

Fans on twitter are going wild because they want Cage in the show. Check some of the tweets to see the reaction of the fans:

— IT Coaster Guy (@IT_Coaster_Guy) July 6, 2022

Considering that Nicolas Cage was the soul of the franchise, not including the Oscar-Winning actor will never be taken lightly by the fans.