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‘Will forever go to theaters for an MCU movie’: Kevin Feige Claims MCU Won’t Die, Fans Still Want To “Cry and Cheer” in Theaters

Kevin Feige Claims MCU Won't Die, Fans Still Want To Cry and Cheer in Theaters

The experience of watching a movie- no matter how it fares to audiences or critics- in a theater beats every other medium of viewing one. The experience is just more captivating, and watching it with people who are looking forward to the same movie as you are just a whole different vibe, and despite concerns, Kevin Feige says it just won’t die off.

Taking into account the domination of superhero movies and their rewatch value (because it’s a blockbuster after all), it’s only fair to think that theaters won’t be necessary anymore since people can just watch their favorite blockbusters in the comfort of their homes. However, that simply isn’t going to happen, or so Kevin Feige says.

Kevin Feige FandomWire
Kevin Feige

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Theaters Aren’t Dying Anytime Soon, Says Kevin Feige

In retrospect, everyone’s lives have become way more comfortable ever since the invention of the internet. People can order food online, they can shop online, play games online, talk online, and so on.

But one of the greatest comforts to grace humanity that has come with the invention of the internet is streaming services. Such a service allows you to watch your favorite movies or TV series, no matter how old or new, in the comfort of your bed through all supported devices.

Kevin Feige FandomWire
Kevin Feige

But the rise of the usage of streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max has led to rising concerns and a big question- will people stop going to theaters if streaming services end up replacing them as the main medium of enjoying movies and TV series? The question simply begs for an answer.

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President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, who is also the primary producer of the largest media franchise in the world (MCU) gave his opinion on the whole issue, and he thinks theaters are here to stay.

During an appearance on The Movie Business Podcast, Feige, or to be precise, the person he asked the question, said-

“I was on a Zoom with a group of people and I sort of shared this, ‘Is it gonna go away? Is the movie business gonna go away?’ And this very smart person said, ‘It’s not.’”

“He said, ‘It’s gonna take a few years,’ and this person said three years, and this was almost three years ago [around 2020]. [They] said, ‘It’ll take about three years to get better.’ And I thought, ‘That’s horrible. I want it to take six months to get better.’ And this very smart person turned out to be right.”

Well, seems like concerns over such an issue have been coming up every once in a while. As far as everyone knows, going to the theaters to watch a movie is still a very exciting prospect, and that’s what’s going to keep it alive.

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MCU Fans Are On The Same Page As Kevin Feige On This Issue

What’s a sport without its fans? And what is any form of entertainment without its fans? MCU fans would agree that it is quite convenient to have all their favorite superhero blockbusters ready to go for streaming whenever they feel like it, mostly on Disney+.

Kevin Feige FandomWire
Kevin Feige

But they also appreciate the value of watching a movie in a theater, a solid reason being creating moments between fans like during the screening of Avengers: Endgame that saw people in theaters all around the world go crazy when Iron Man snaps Thanos out of existence.

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And here they are on Twitter, in full agreement with Kevin Feige about his take (and the person he didn’t namedrop) on the whole thing-

Some experiences are just unique-

We’ll be there! –

Like no other-

Another hot take? –

Credit where it’s due-

It’s no doubt that a theatrical experience is a unique one, but only the future can tell us if its demise is near, or not even there.

The MCU’s latest blockbuster release, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, is scheduled to be available for streaming on Disney+ on February 1 this year.

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