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“Will he be his next victim?”: Ben Affleck’s Wife Jennifer Lopez Gets Caught Giving “Flirty” Look to a DJ Amid Alleged Marriage Troubles

"Will he be his next victim?": Ben Affleck's Wife Jennifer Lopez Gets Caught Giving "Flirty" Look to a DJ Amid Alleged Marriage Troubles

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, aka Bennifer, were the O.G. power couple of Hollywood before it all ended up biting the dust in 2004. Fast forward to April 2021, things seemed to be getting back on track when the two were spotted hanging out and going on vacation together. A year later, the couple gets engaged and thus starts the era of Bennifer 2.0.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at Marry Me premiere
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

While things have been positive for most of it, fans couldn’t help but wonder if all is actually okay in paradise. For instance, a viral video saw Ben Affleck slamming the car door shut after opening it for his wife. Fans wondered if this was a reaction to an argument they might have had before being filmed. And now, a video has emerged which shows Jennifer Lopez supposedly giving a flirtatious look to a DJ, all while standing next to Ben Affleck.

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Did Jennifer Lopez Give A Flirty Look to the DJ?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at The Mother premiere
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at The Mother premiere

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During the promotions for her recent film, The Mother, Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck attended an event, a video of which has been circulating the Internet. At the event, the DJ played one of Lopez’s songs to which the actress/singer dances to and turns to give the DJ a look. While it could have been a simple look of gratitude, it caught the Internet’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

People believe that J-Lo’s gaze was quite flirtatious, despite the fact that she was standing next to the love of her life, husband, Ben Affleck. Check out the video below.

The Spanish tweet roughly translates to, “Will he be his next victim? They catch Jennifer Lopez looking strangely at another man in front of Ben Affleck.” In the video, you can see Affleck following Lopez’s gaze but the video cuts off before you could see his reaction. Of course, the real intention behind the look might not be negative at all, but we know how the Internet loves to twist things around!

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Is Everything A-Okay Between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Paris
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on their honeymoon in Paris

Affleck and Lopez are going to be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in July and we are here for it! However, their fans might be wondering how things are going behind the scenes for the couple. Well, an insider has just the news you need!

According to Entertainment Tonight, an insider has revealed that the two are doing phenomenally and are closer than they have ever been.

“Ben and Jen are doing phenomenally. They are closer than ever before and both of them are elated. They are feeling united and are in very positive spirits. Ben loves how talented, intelligent and loyal Jen is. They lean on each other and are supportive of one another.”

Lopez once stated that her split from Affleck was the “biggest heartbreak” of her life and that she felt like she “was going to die.”  She then stated that she finally got her fairytale ending and that it was so beautiful that you cannot even write stories about it. It’s simply unbelievable. It looks like things are as perfect as possible for Bennifer.

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