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Will Henry Cavill Go to Marvel After James Gunn-Superman Controversy?

Will Henry Cavill Go to Marvel After James Gunn-Superman Controversy?

James Gunn, the newest boss of the DC Studios revealed the roadmap which he calls Chapter 1, containing 10 upcoming projects which comprise 5 films and 5 TV series. One of the five films is a Superman movie scheduled to be released in 2025, which has got the fans excited. However, the excitement was short-lived when it was revealed that Henry Cavill will not play the role of Superman in the film.

Due to the unexpected reboot, Henry Cavill will not be a part of those plans, as James Gunn wants someone young to play Superman in Superman: Legacy. And now it is rumored that Henry Cavill might join the MCU.

Henry Cavill as Superman

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The Fallout of Henry Cavill’s Superman Exit

James Gunn announced his plans for the DCU, the fans were excited when they heard about Superman: Legacy. Unfortunately, the fans of the franchise were furious when they heard that Henry Cavill will not be reprising his role as Superman, and in the new movie, a younger actor will be playing the role. Many fans believed Henry Cavill was fired from DC but James Gunn clarifies why the actor will not be a part of this universe.

Superman: Legacy
Superman: Legacy

“We didn’t fire Henry. Henry was never cast. For me, it’s about, who do I want to cast as Superman, and who do the filmmakers we have want to cast? And for me, for this story, it isn’t Henry.”

James Gunn added:

“I like Henry, I think he’s a great guy. I think he’s getting [messed] around by a lot of people, including the former regime at this company. But this Superman is not Henry, for a number of reasons.”

“All I can tell you right now, really, is Henry and Ben are not a part of this universe. Also important to say that Henry Cavill was not fired. Henry was just not hired to be Superman in the Superman movie. There was never a deal there for another movie.”

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The news of Cavill not wearing his iconic red and blue suit has infuriated the fans of the franchise and this decision of James Gunn has received a massive negative response. Even though it is not said by James Gunn, it is believed that the filmmaker will cast Henry Cavill in a different role in the DCU as he was never fired.

Will Henry Cavill Join the MCU?

In an Instagram post, Henry Cavill announced that he will not be returning as Superman, and his turn to wear the cape has passed. Cavill played the role of Superman in Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he made a surprising cameo as Superman in Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson. The actor realized that his fans are saddened by the news but he assures them that Superman is still there and he remarks on his time playing the role as a ‘fun ride.’

WhatsApp Image 2023 02 03 at 16.11.39
Henry Cavill’s message to his fans

However, there are several reports which heavily state that he will be joining the MCU to play the role of Captain Britain. Even though there are no official announcements, if this is true, then Cavill’s fans would be happy to see him in a superhero suit again.

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