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Will Jeremy Renner Return as Hawkeye in the Future After Marvel Star’s Near-Fatal Accident Convinced Him to Retire From Acting?

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Jeremy Renner is known around the world for portraying the role of Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in numerous MCU movies, and series. The actor made headlines at the beginning of the year when he faced a life-threatening accident. After his accident, several reports were stating the actor can not stand his feet and even need an amputation. However, the situation was not terrible because the Tag actor gave regular updates about his recovery and he soon returned to his house.

Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Fans were glad about the actor’s quick recovery, and they were soon hoping that they would see Clint Barton back in action. But it looks like the actor would not be returning as the superhero because acting is no longer a priority for Jeremy Renner.

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Why Will Jeremy Renner Not Return as Clint Barton?

Jeremy Renner suffered from severe injuries from the accident on New Year’s day. The actor was crushed by his snow tractor and broke 30 bones while suffering from severe blunt chest trauma and sustained orthopedic injuries. One of the friends of the actor stated right side of the actor was crushed and his upper torso had collapsed, and the damage was so severe that it had to be reconstructed in surgery.  

Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Along With Hospital Staff Members
Jeremy Renner With Hospital Staff Members

Even though MCU fans love Renner as Hawkeye, in a highly competitive industry, if the production is delayed for too long, then the actor would be substituted for another star who fits the role. Moreover, The Town actor has talked about how acting is not a priority for him anymore and he is not interested in his role.

In addition to his disinterest in playing the role, the injuries as well as the surgeries have massively affected his physical condition. At this point, the recovery time for the actor is unknown so it can be assumed that his Hawkeye days are over.

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How did Jeremy Renner Find Himself in a Life-Threatening Accident?

On New Year’s Day, Mayor Hillary Schieve, a friend of the Wind River actor, stated that the actor got out of his snowplow to help the stranded person get out of their car. While helping the stranded individual he got run over by his 14,000-pound snowplow. The snowplow ran over one of Jeremy Renner’s legs and other parts of the actor’s body.

images 5.jpeg 7
Jeremy Renner shares a selfie after his accident

A neighbor, who was a doctor rushed to help the actor and soon he was airlifted to the hospital. Upon further investigation, it surfaced that the snowplow’s parking brake was not engaged, and as a result, it accidentally ran over the actor.

The actor’s publicist stated how Renner’s injuries are extensive, and after reaching the hospital, he underwent two surgeries. The publicist stated that even though the surgeries were successful, he remained in a stable but critical condition. The actor returned three weeks after the accident took place, and he was still in poor condition. 

images 6.jpeg 3
Recovery Session of Jeremy Renner

The friends of the actor state how serious the accident was and that Renner almost died in the accident. The damage was so severe that the actors had to be reconstructed in surgery. And shortly, The Hurt Locker would need more surgeries on his leg. 

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Hawkeye can be streamed on Disney+

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