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After Will Smith Publicly Apologizes to Chris Rock for the Oscar Slap, His Daughter Willow Smith Breaks Silence on Fans Criticizing Her Family

The 94th Academy Awards held on March 27th of 2022 was quite a spectacle to behold — for many, Will Smith might be the reason why. Following the Chris Rock v. Will Smith Oscars catastrophe, the Men in Black actor recently released a YouTube video to thoroughly elaborate on a formal apology and make it up to the people he has let down, including famous comedian Chris Rock. Titled, “It’s been a minute…” the actor is seen taking up fans’ questions and allegations and responding to every one of them while conveying his heartfelt regrets over the controversy.

Will Smith
Will Smith

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Recently, in a Billboard interview, Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith, opened up about the aftermath of the Oscars incident and the criticisms that the Smiths have been encountering for all these months.

Willow Smith On The Scrutinizing Hatred Faced By Her Family

Willow Smith
Willow Smith, otherwise known as WILLOW

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Whether you know Willow Smith from her Whip My Hair days, or if you’ve recently come to acknowledge her astounding musical presence through songs like Meet Me At Our Spot or Wait A Minute!, the talented singer is, despite being one of the newest contenders in the music scene, a force to reckon with.

In a recent interview, however, the accomplished singer opened up about the different facets of the famous life she has been a witness to since a tender age. Despite having faced several hardships in her life, the negative effects of such stupendous, overwhelming fame never derailed the singer’s creative spark. Following the Oscars debacle, after Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock over a joke the latter made about the well-acclaimed actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and her alopecia, the Academy had debarred the Six Degrees of Separation actor from attending the event for the next 10 years.

Why Fans Are Now Asking For Will Smith To Make A Full-Blown Hollywood Comeback
Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

This was not the only repercussion faced by the actor. For months and even to date, Will Smith and his entire family have been a target of excruciating and profuse hatred. Willow Smith opened up about these experiences and talked about how the “humanness” of her family is not always accepted.

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Will Smith’s Daughter Talks About The Human Nature Of Her Family

The proficient singer, when talking about the 94th Academy Awards aftermath, expressed how the incident and the mass hatred which followed right after, was not a thing that could put an abrupt stop to her creativity and artistry. In fact, the singer said that the criticism did not affect her the same way her “own internal demons” do. Following up on this statement, the singer expressed love and respect for her family.

Will Smith with daughter Willow Smith
Will Smith with daughter Willow Smith

This is what she had to say in regards to the qualms of the longtime fans of Will Smith and his family who were quite disappointed to see the actor involved in such an incident:

“I see my whole family as being human, and I love and accept them for all their humanness. Because of the position that we’re in, our humanness sometimes isn’t accepted.”

The singer went furthermore to discuss how her family is held up to strong expectations, where they are required to “act in a way that isn’t conducive to a healthy human life.” The opinions on Will Smith’s YouTube video apology have been quite mixed, with some saying that Hollywood has easily forgiven the heinous crimes of many and the aggression towards the Bad Boys actor has reached its penultimate point. Others have chosen to remain indifferent to the video.

Willow Smith
WILLOW’s latest album drops soon

While it is yet to be seen whether Will Smith would make his Hollywood comeback soon, Willow Smith or WILLOW has dropped a new single for her upcoming album which is titled hover like a GODDESS.

WILLOW’s much-awaited album COPINGMECHANISM is set for a September 23rd release.

Source: Billboard

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