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Will Smith Reportedly Making Sequel To One of His Most Iconic Movies To Get Out of Chris Rock Oscars Slap Curse

Will Smith Reportedly Making Sequel To One of His Most Iconic Movies To Get Out of Chris Rock Oscars Slap Curse

Will Smith has been rarely seen in public after the Oscars 2022, where he lost his cool and slapped Chris Rock on live television. After the incident, he went to therapy sessions where he overcame his stress and learned how to deal with it. Due to the Oscars 2022 incident, his career took a turn for the worse and people criticized his violent behavior on social media.

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Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on live television during the Oscars 2022

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment TonightEva Mendes confirmed a sequel to the 2005 rom-com movie, Hitch starring Will Smith and Eva Mendes. Will Smith, who has been one of the most successful and loved actors in Hollywood, will try to regain his spot in the A-listers with the Hitch sequel after Emancipation failed to be his redemption.

What did Eva Mendes Say About Hitch 2?

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Eva Mendes in Los Angeles at Create and Cultivate Conference

Eva Mendes who came to the Create & Cultivate conference in Los Angeles gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight where she revealed the type of character she would like to play that would be perfect to make her return to the big screens. In the interview, she revealed her interest in the sequel to Hitch. Here’s what the actress said about the sequel: 

“You’re kidding? Oh my god. What the hell? You know what? It’s time for a Hitch 2. Will, let’s do this. Hitch 2.” 

Hitch 2 movie would be a great sequel to the 2005 movie, as the first film was great and had a perfect combination of romance and humor. Moreover, it would be great for Will Smith’s career as he was fantastic in the first film, where he played the role of a professional “date doctor.”

The fans loved the on-screen chemistry between Eva Mendes and Will Smith who were praised even by the critics as well as the audience; with a strong plot and well-written dialogues, Hitch 2 would be the perfect sequel to an already perfect film.

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What Would Be The Plot for Hitch 2?

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Alex Hitchens and Sara Melas in Hitch (2005)

Even though there’s no official announcement regarding Hitch 2, Eva Mendes believes that the plot would revolve around a world full of dating apps. As Alex Hitchens (the role played by Will Smith) would lose his job. Here’s what Eva Mendes said: 

“It’d be in the world of all these dating apps. What would Hitch do? He’d be out of a job.”

It would be interesting to wait for the official announcement by the studio regarding the official plot of the film, and fans would be excited to see their favorite on-screen couple once more on the big screen.

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Can Hitch 2 Help Will Smith to Get a Fresh Start?

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Will Smith and Eva Mendes in Hitch (2005)

Hitch 2 would definitely help Will Smith in getting a fresh start in his career because Will Smith who will be returning in the sequel will play the role of Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, who is a well-written character, he is likable and the audience can relate to him. Throughout the movie, Alex Hitchens helps other men to improve their dating skills and confidence.

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But struggled with his own romantic problems, and learns valuable lessons about love and relationships. Moreover, the character was well-executed by Will Smith which made him one of the most loved actors in Hollywood. And his fans believe that Hitch 2 is the movie that would help Will Smith in getting his career back on track.

Meanwhile, fans can catch Will Smith in his latest work, Emancipation on Apple TV.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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