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Will Smith Slaps His Way into Marvel, Replaces 2 Time Oscar Winner Mahershala Ali as New Blade of MCU in Viral AI Art

Will Smith Slaps His Way into Marvel, Replaces 2 Time Oscar Winner Mahershala Ali as New Blade of MCU in Viral AI Art

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is arguably one of the most reputable movie franchises. They introduced a huge selection of comic book characters to the audience. The Blade, one of these fictional heroes, who is a half-man, half-vampire is one of the most adored ones. Wesley Snipes gave an outstanding performance, and as a result, the character gained enormous popularity. But have you ever imagined Will Smith bringing the character to life instead of The Contractor star?

Will Smith, one of Hollywood’s best actors, is incredibly versatile and has appeared in a wide range of roles. As we are all aware, Mahershala Ali will be taking over as the character (Blade), as Marvel previously announced at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019.

Will Smith will be bringing Blade to life on the big screen?
Will Smith will be bringing Blade to life on the big screen?

However, Anderson Luis Souza recently transformed the I Am Legend actor into an incredible vampire hunter with the aid of AI art.

Also note that after Snipes, Mahershala Ali will be taking on the responsibility of portraying the adored character in the upcoming Yann Demange’s Blade (2025).

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Will Smith Becomes Blade in the MCU

When a vampire fed on his mother and changed him, Blade, who was born Eric Brooks, became a half-human, half-vampire. After being bitten by Morbius (the one vampire whose blood he was not immune to), he began training to hunt vampires and eventually turned into a Daywalker. He grew to be as powerful as a vampire, acquiring many of their traits—such as bloodlust.

He is well-known to supernatural creatures and is especially feared by vampires. Most people would never consider calling on his wrath. Although Blade is skilled with many weapons, his preferred weapon of choice when hunting vampires is a sword, which is how he got his name.


But how would Blade appear if Will Smith played the role instead of Wesley Snipes?

Will Smith Becomes Blade in the MCU
Will Smith Becomes Blade in the MCU

After hearing that the character would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans were concerned and then thrilled to learn that Mahershala Ali would be playing the part. Some fans have, however, questioned whether Smith or another actor should take over.

Intriguingly, the results are quite impressive, and Anderson Luis Souza shared the AI-generated images of the King Richard actor as Blade. 

In the photos, the Men in Black actor was dressed entirely in black, perfectly capturing his role as a vampire hunter. Smith styled a long jacket with a collar and black sunglasses.

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Blade Starring Will Smith?

Will Smith has established himself as a phenomenal actor throughout the course of his lengthy career, and many fans started to wonder what he would look like as the Daywalker. The actor has dealt with supernatural beings in the past, most notably the vampiric, vaguely zombie-like creatures from I Am Legend. Additionally, he has appeared in a good number of superhero or anti-hero movies and has repeatedly saved a sci-fi universe.

Anderson Luis Souza finally used AI to portray the beloved Men in Black actor as a stoic, cynical vampire hunter. Every picture shows the 54-year-old actor dressed in all black, holding a gun instead of Blade’s fabled sword.

He usually wears a pair of glasses on top of the long, high-collared black jacket/coat that Blade is never seen without. Many of the images resemble scenes from the Wesley Snipes film and seem to belong in The Matrix.

Blade Starring Will Smith?
Blade Starring Will Smith?

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it is intriguing to consider Smith as Blade. The actor has experience with the comic book industry; he starred in the well-liked film adaptations of Men in Black and Suicide Squad, both from DC Comics.


He is also a seasoned performer with a wide range, making him a wise choice to play the nuanced role of Blade. Naturally, it will be necessary to wait and see if the rumors are accurate and if Smith has formally accepted the role.

Marvel is clearly committed to bringing the legendary vampire hunter back to the big screen, and fans can’t wait to see what they have in store, whether it is Smith or another actor. 

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Well, the highly anticipated film, Blade will now tentatively hit theaters on February 14, 2025.

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