Will Smith To Be Banned From The Oscars For 10 Years

Will Smith banned from the Oscars for 10 years

Will Smith’s recent actions at the 94th Academy Awards have seemed to finally catch up with him as the actor has finally been handed a 10 years ban from the Oscars. Smith, who won the Best Actor for King Richard found himself in hot soup when he physically assaulted host Chris Rock on live stage during the Academy Awards. The 57-year-old comedian had cracked a joke on Jada Pinkett-Smith, which triggered Will Smith to assault the comedian on the live stage.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith, who suffers from alopecia, a medical condition that causes baldness was the target of Chris Rock’s joke at the Oscars which led to a massive controversy. Though Rock’s brother has now claimed that the comedian wasn’t aware of Jada’s medical condition, Smith’s actions were widely condemned by fans and celebrities alike.

Will Smith banned from Oscars for 10 years
Will Smith

The Academy Bans Will Smith For 10 Years From The Academy

The 94th Academy Awards witnessed a triumph of the marginalized only to be eclipsed by Smith’s deplorable behavior at the ceremony. Despite having the first deaf actor (Troy Kotsur) winning the Best Supporting Actor for CODA, the ceremony was hijacked by the controversial moment involving Smith and Rock. As a result. many popular celebrities publicly condemned the actor, with a few voicing that the Academy should revoke Smith’s Best Actor award.

Will Smith banned from the Academy for 10 years
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

While the Academy has since decided not to take away Smith’s award, its board of governors has now decided to ban Smith for 10 years ahead of their meeting that was slated to be held on April 18. 2022. Earlier this month, Will Smith had also revealed that he was resigning from the Academy in light of recent events.


What Does The Ban Mean For Will Smith

Though Smith had voluntarily resigned from the Academy himself, the recent disciplinary action against the actor has longstanding consequences for the actor. As the actor has been banned for 10 years, Smith will not be able to attend any Academy event, in person on virtually, for a decade. Moreover, the actor won’t be eligible for any future nominations for a decade.

The Oscars ban Will Smith for 10 years
Will Smith

Will Smith’s ban from the Oscars will also prevent him from voting for any future Oscar nominations. Earlier this month, the actor had revealed that his actions were shocking, painful, and inexcusable. He had also apologized to Chris Rock and his family after the event, to repent his physical assault on a live stage.


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Though the actor had resigned from the Academy earlier this month, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to move up their meeting to reveal the disciplinary actions against Will Smith, which was supposed to be held on April 18, 2022. As a result, Will Smith will be banned from the Oscars till April 8, 2032, for his recent actions at the 94th Academy Awards. In light of recent events, Smith has also faced some major blow as Bad Boys 4 has been put on hold. Additionally, Netflix has also halted his upcoming action thriller Fast and Loose indefinitely.


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