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Will Smith Was Reportedly Caught Red-Handed by Jada Smith’s Mom, Was Having an Affair With Her Daughter While Still Married To Sheree Zampino

Will Smith Was Reportedly Caught Red-Handed by Jada Smith's Mom, Was Having an Affair With Her Daughter While Still Married To Sheree Zampino

In the past couple of years, Will Smith has transcended from his status as the nicest man in Hollywood to one of the most ridiculed and talked about actors on the planet. Celebrity obsession has never been a subject not occupying mass interest and as such, the grapevine that started its parasitic climb in 2013 with the rumors of his alleged affair with Margot Robbie has still not shown any signs of stopping.

Will and Jada Smith at the 2022 Oscars
Will and Jada Smith at the 2022 Oscars

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Will Smith’s Troubling Beginnings With Jada Smith

The marriage of Will and Jada Smith has not been without its fair share of complications. However, the beginning of the relationship is a different story altogether. Rumors say that at the time the two began seeing each other, the Gemini actor had yet to sign on the dotted lines and end his marriage with Sheree Zampino. And apparently, it was Jada Pinkett Smith’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones who had allegedly caught them both red-handed in the midst of their affair. However, the truth is a bit less dramatic than that.

Will and Jada Smith [via Oprah Daily]
Will and Jada Smith [via Oprah Daily]
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Jada Smith auditioned for the part of Will Smith’s character’s girlfriend on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1994. The role went to someone else eventually but the young actress caught the eye of the Hollywood star. Even though he was married to Sheree Zampino at the time, Smith recalled in 2018 at an episode of the Red Table Talk 

“I had a realization I wasn’t with the person I was supposed to be with. I was sitting in a [bathroom] stall and I was crying and laughing uncontrollably, and I knew [Jada] was the woman I was supposed to be with.”

Will Smith was married to his first wife for 3 years from May 1992 to 1995. The pair were officially divorced on December 10th. Will and Jada Smith were married 2 years later on December 31st, 1997.

Will and Jada Smith’s Enduring Hollywood Romance

Will and Jada Smith [photographed 1997]
Will and Jada Smith [photographed 1997]
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A few weeks after Smith officially separated from Zampino in 1995, Hollywood’s one of the most enigmatic couples then began on a path that would be defined by tumultuous ups and downs and yet remain together through it all. As Will claimed on the infamous 2018 episode of Red Table Talk “We ride together. We die together. Bad marriage for life” – a motto inspired by his Bad Boys film series.

But it all began with a call from Will Smith in December of 1995 that ended in him telling Jada Smith – “Cool. You’re seeing me now.” The unusual yet confident statement already encompassed the Hollywood actor’s feelings for Jada Smith and the latter didn’t shy away from the relationship either. Although a young actress making her way through Hollywood, Jada Pinkett Smith tied the knot with Will Smith, had two wonderfully talented children, and went on to have a successful career in the decades to come.

The Smith family pose at the Oscars
The Smith family poses at the Oscars

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Even as the marriage of Will and Jada Smith has been dotted by “entanglements” and separations and unlikely reunions, the couple who has always made their life – with each other and with their children – seem easy-going, regal, full of laughter, emotionally connected, and spiritually bonded continue to endure through the onslaught of raging rumors, criticisms, and mockery and yet rise above it all.

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