Will Smith’s Wife Jada Pinkett Smith Confesses Committing Crimes When She Was Just a Teenager

Jada Pinkett Smith revealed astonishing details of her childhood.

Will Smith's Wife Jada Pinkett Smith Confesses Committing Crimes When She Was Just a Teenager


  • Jada Pinkett Smith revealed her crime-infested childhood.
  • Pinkett Smith's late grandmother taught her a valuable lesson.
  • Pinkett Smith sold drugs to provide for family.
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Jada Pinkett Smith reflects her entire life she lived under a microscope in her latest memoir Worthy. The actor candidly reflects on her 25 years of marriage to Will Smith and several aspects of her life including her crimes in the past.

Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith

Worthy is definitely going to be a kind of Pandora’s box that will unfold many things about the actor that were previously unknown. As she is on a media tour promoting the book, several newsworthy statements from the actor have already created a huge buzz.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Revealed Her Childhood

Young Jada Pinkett Smith
Young Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith is quite candid while looking back to the days of her distressed past. She did not have a normal life as her parents were addicted to drugs. “When you aren’t the priority of your parents,” Pinkett Smith told People. “You don’t know how to be a priority to yourself. I had parents who were addicted to drugs,” she added.

“Not having a healthy foundation, as I would come to find out way into my adulthood, had some really strong effects in regard to how I saw myself… Our parents are not responsible for our wholeness…But I didn’t know how to create healthy boundaries, to create healthy relationships”

Her late grandmother Marion Banfield, however, has been her role model helping her to cope with the disastrous childhood he had. “My grandmother thought that it was very important that I be able to relate to anyone, and she felt as though I needed to be well-rounded in order to do that,” the 52-year-old said. So whether “it was through reading books or hobbies, understanding different kinds of religion, she wanted me to always have an entry point” to be able to have a common ground with another person, she added. The actor also revealed that her grandmother was very practical as she asked the young Pinkett to not depend on men for money.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Confessed To The Crime in Her Teen

Jada Pinkett Smith in Menace II Society
Jada Pinkett Smith in Menace II Society

Her grandmother’s values would definitely help her later in life but at the time she had to resort to selling drugs to provide for her family. “I knew that anything that I needed was something I needed to provide for,” she told People. “I decided to sell drugs,” she added.

“Growing up, the drug dealers were the ones that had affluence. That’s what we readily saw as success. And so for me, considering my circumstances at the time, my mother was not doing well. She was a high-functioning heroin addict. We didn’t have the things that we should have. The home we lived in was not taken care of.”

The actor was rooted in financial freedom as well. At just the age of 12, she worked several jobs. Of course, they were legal. “Having money in my pocket was a must,” she added. She also revealed that she has been a telemarketer.

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