Will WB Scrap The Flash To Escape Further Embarrassment? Reports Suggest WB-Discovery CEO David Zaslav Considering Killing the Movie After Ezra Miller’s Shenanigans

The Flash movie is entirely drowning in a worst-case scenario situation, because of the ongoing controversies regarding the movie’s lead star. The film is set to feature Ezra Miller, who has recently been accused of felony burglary following numerous other allegations.

Fate of 'The flash' remains hanging due to Ezra Miller controversy
The fate of The Flash remains hanging due to Ezra Miller’s controversy

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Warner Bros. Discovery had already tried to prevent the controversies, because the $200 million project isn’t planned to hit theaters until June 23, 2023. As the pressure is piling up pretty quickly, it’s gotten to a point where legal problems can’t be avoided.

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Possible Scenarios That Can Save ‘The Flash’ From Scrapping

WB sets possible plans to save Ezra Miller's movie from scrapping
WB sets possible plans to save Ezra Miller’s movie from scrapping

Recent cases of the actor read felony burglary and sources also provided reports that Vermont’s child services department is trying to locate a mother and three children who are presumably living at Ezra Miller’s farm in the state.

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A source explains all the possible scenarios that the studio seems to be planning to save the movie from scrapping. Earlier WB Found evidence that the actor’s mother will possibly seek professional assistance after returning home to their farm in Vermont. If that happens, the actor could hopefully get through an interview by explaining their unpredictable behavior over the past few years. The actor could go for limited press meets for The Flash, and then the movie would be released according to the plan.

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There might be more backup plans like, if Ezra Miller doesn’t get through this, there are still ways by which Warners could manage to release the film. But the same actor might not carry the franchise because of the legal scenarios, and they would possibly recast the character in the future. If the situation gets worse, the studio could shelve the movie entirely, as it could not be reshot with a new actor replacing Miller. Scrapping a $200-worth million movie will be an absolute loss though.

Ezra Miller Wrapped in a New Case After Police Fail to Locate Mother, Children Allegedly Staying at Their Farm

The flash might get scrapped because of Ezra Miller's scandal
The Flash might get scrapped because of Ezra Miller’s scandal

Ezra Miller got into new trouble after reports revealed that a mother and her three children who were reportedly living with Ezra Miller at their Vermont farm went missing. Vermont State Police are investigating the case and looking for a 25-year-old woman and her three kids, allegedly aged 5, 4, and 1 according to the reports.

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The police got the lines from the actor that the family hadn’t been there for months, and according to the State Attorney’s office, it looked like an attempt to “evade service.”  Recent sources also revealed that it was during a visit to locate the family at the farm that the actor was accused of felony burglary for stealing alcohol bottles.

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Written by Shreeparna Das