Witcher: Blood Origins – Netflix Officially Begins Work on Prequel Series

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Netflix is finally going ahead with the Witcher prequel series titled The Witcher: Blood Origins. Writers for the show have come together for the first time and it looks like the project is finally making some much needed progress. Declan de Barra, show runner of The Witcher: Blood Origins, recently announced the first gathering of the writers to finish the script and story for the new show in the works. They connected via a conference call and de Barra said that work will begin sooner than later.


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Declan de Barra revealed that the show has roped in a plethora of acclaimed writers to take part in this venture and pen a script. One of the many renowned writers that will be part of the writer’s room is Kirsten Van Horn, the woman who wrote the story line for Snowpiercer. Another writer is Alex Meenahan, who is currently also associated with Disney+’s upcoming Marvel’s Moon Knight series. Beau DeMayo, a long time Witcher writer, is also returning. Carnival Row and Swamp Thing writer Tania Lothia will also be a part of the venture. Troy Dangerfield of Castle fame along with other writers like Pooja Gupta, Aaron Stewart Ahn and Tasha Huo were also there in the conference.


The post about the writer’s room was made by Declan de Barra in social media. Here is the twitter post that got everyone rambling.

The Witcher: Blood Origins prequel series is going to be unlike anything the Witcher Fans have ever seen. Set 1200 years prior to the events of The Witcher series, the prequel will tell us the chaos and devastation caused by the apocalyptic event called the Conjunction of the Spheres. The show will take place during a time when the continent was at its worst of times.


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The Conjunction of the Spheres led to the humans, elves, and monsters clash, their worlds colliding to give way for a world that we saw in the Netflix show released a while ago. The show will have much more magic and mystery within its setting since the time period it is exploring was rife with it before the humans took over the continent.

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There is yet to be any other official announcement for the show. Information regarding the Witcher Prequel series is rather scarce at the moment. But there were rumors that Netflix was actively looking for a main lead for the show. Many claimed that the streaming giant was trying to rope in Aquaman star Jason Momoa to play the protagonist. Momoa, if the rumors are true, would play the first ever Witcher born in the Continent.

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While the work on the Prequel series has only begun, the production work for the second season of The Witcher starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia is in full swing. According to some sources, the show has already finished filming two of its first episodes. Netflix has also announced that they were making an anime film based on The Witcher series. Titled Vesemir, the anime movie will be released before The Witcher Season 2 hits Netflix. The Witcher: Blood Origins, which will be released after The Witcher Season 2, is scheduled as a six episode limited series.


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The first season of The Witcher is streaming on Netflix as of now. Get ready to hear the eternal grunt of Geralt of Rivia pretty soon with Season 2 of the show coming in the near future.


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