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Witcher Season 2 Photos Confirm Arrival Of New Deadly Faction

The Witcher season 2 is yet to hit Netflix. But the streamer has already started releasing new images for the second season of the show. These newly released images of Witcher season 2 come loaded with a ton of spoilers. The images reveal The Witcher Season 2 is looking to adapt Andrzej Sapkowski’s Blood Of Elves for the small screen. This signals the arrival of the third major faction of the series apart from the Niflgaardian Empire and the Cintran Loyalists.

The photos indicate the Scioa’tael are coming. In the Witcher Universe, the Scioa’tael are a huge name. We will talk about them in detail in a bit. These are the official images for The Witcher Season 2 officially released by Netflix.

Netflix started its Witchmas event and offered fans a chance to choose what they want to receive as part of the event. The fans then ended up voting for The Law Of Surprise. Netflix held up its part of the bargain and gave them three exclusive shots from the sets of The Witcher Season 2. The first image was of a Medallion bearing the Symbol of the School of the Wolf. The second picture was a collection of swords. The third image caught our attention. It bore the insignia of the Banner of the Scioa’tael army.

Leaked pictures from The Witcher season 2 sets released earlier an Elven army was going to make an appearance in the series. They would be led by Sorceress Francesca Findabair. But nobody could have ever anticipated Season 2 of The Witcher is bringing back such a major player.

Who Are The Scioa’tael?

In the novel Blood Of Elves, the Scioa’tael were a group of non-human warriors that fought the against the people of the Northern Kingdoms. Consisting of all sorts of non-human creatures, the Scioa’tael fought against humanity’s oppression of the non-human races. Though they were lesser in numbers, they were well-versed in guerilla warfare. The name Scioa’tael refers to Squirrels. It’s because Scioa’tael warriors wear squirrel tails to battle. They are well-known to ambush their targets and set up deadly booby traps deep inside the forest to catch the enemy off-guard.

The Scioa’tael struck a deal with emperor Emhyr of Nilfgaard. As part of the deal. Francesca Sindabair would become the new Queen of Don Blathana. In return, the Scoia’tael will aid the Nilfgaardian empire in its military ambitions. Filavendrel of the Silver Towers and Toruviel led a small group of Elven warriors in Season 1. In the books, Toruviel joins Scioa;tael and Filavendrel becomes Francesca’s staunchest loyalist.

The Witcher season 2 is set for release on August 17, 2021.

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