With $1.77M per Post, Lionel Messi Destroys Dwayne Johnson – Pushes Black Adam Star’s Social Media Empire to 5th Position

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Lionel Messi, the Argentinian soccer player known around the world for his skills and the frenemy rivalry with Christiano Ronaldo, recently beat Dwayne Johnson. Although The Rock has been starring in a plethora of movies since the early 2000s, his social media empire seems to deteriorate a bit.


With the number of earnings a celebrity earns per Instagram post, Lionel Messi currently stands 3rd in the whole world while Dwayne Johnson drops to the 5th position.

Lionel Messi is known for his football skills.
Lionel Messi is known for his soccer skills.

Lionel Messi Dominates The Social Media Empire

With the ongoing FIFA WorldCup, billions of fans around the world tune in to watch their favorite stars battle it out on the green field. One of the most beloved of them all, Lionel Messi continues to receive love and praise from the people.


The reciprocated love can be seen clearly on all social media platforms as Lionel Messi currently stands with 388 million followers on Instagram. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has starred in several movies throughout the years and was a famous WWE wrestler, currently stands at 353 million followers. The Instagram post earnings of both celebrities also differ in quite a number as Messi earns the 3rd position in the whole wide world, while Dwayne Johnson sits at 5th.

Lionel Messi beats Dwayne Johnson for Instagram per post.
Lionel Messi beats Dwayne Johnson for Instagram per post.

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According to Hopper HQLionel Messi earns about $1.77 million per Instagram post while Dwayne Johnson earns about $1.71 million per post. The difference becomes pretty evident as Selena Gomez secures the 4th ranking by earning a whopping $1.73 million on each post. Fans cheer and praise Lionel Messi for proving his worth and continuing to be a famous footballer.


It should also be reported that Cristiano Ronaldo dominates the ranking by being in the #1 position in the world, earning $2.39 million per Instagram post! With Cristiano Ronaldo now out of the World Cup, it would be a spectacle to see how people root for their favorite footballers.

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Referee Sent Home Who Questioned Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi.
Lionel Messi.

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During the Quarter Finals when Argentina and Netherlands were battling it out on the field, during the shootout victory, Messi got into an argument with the match’s referee. As per a report in The Mirror, several complaints were lodged against the referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, who had preceded the quarter-finals.

As per further reports, after consideration, the referee has been allegedly sent home and declared that he won’t take any further part in the 2022 World Cup.

“After they got the draw I felt a lot of anger. I don’t want to talk about the referee, because they immediately reprimand you or sanction you, but I think people saw what happened.” said Messi.

Argentina is currently set for a semi-final against Croatia as the world will tune in to see Lionel Messi in action once again.


Source: Hopper HQ


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