With Fallout Season 2 Announcement, 3 Powerful Characters You Can Expect to See in the Next Season

As Prime Video's 'Fallout' got the nod for its second season, these three characters may appear in the show.

With Fallout Season 2 Announcement, 3 Powerful Characters You Can Expect to See in the Next Season


  • Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet created Prime Video show 'Fallout' claimed an astonishing 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The show is the adaptation of popular video game series of the same name with a lot of intriguing characters.
  • Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy-produced show got the nod for its second season following the remarkable reception of the season 1.
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Fallout has been a huge success at Prime Video. The eight-episode show secured an astonishing 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Created by Graham Wagner, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, the first-season stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, and Walton Goggins.

Ella Purcell in Fallout

Based on the game series of the same name, the season was indeed a spectacle with several characters from the source material. Following the success of season 1, Prime Video has already renewed the show for its second season.

Fallout Is Renewed For Season 2

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Fallout [Credit- Amazon MGM Studios]
Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Fallout 
Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy-produced Prime Video show is renewed for season 2 while the first season streaming is still hot. The show has been one of the most talked about series of recent times, with mostly positive reviews on the deck. 


“Jonah, Lisa, Geneva, and Graham have captivated the world with this ground-breaking, wild ride of a show. The bar was high for lovers of this iconic video game and so far we seem to have exceeded their expectations, while bringing in millions of new fans to the franchise,” Amazon MGM Studios head Jennifer Salke said in a statement while announcing Fallout season 2 (via The Hollywood Reporter).

She went on to add,

“The cast led by Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins, and Kyle MacLachlan have knocked it out of the park. We’d like to thank Jonah and Lisa and our friends at Bethesda for bringing the show to us, as well as Geneva and Graham for coming aboard as showrunners. We are thrilled to announce season two after only one week out and take viewers even farther into the surreal world of Fallout.”

Certainly, the show has been a thrill ride for fans and has been one of the best video game adaptations since HBO’s The Last Of Us for Max. The Prime Video series has introduced several interesting characters, but there is ample room to introduce more. Fans may see Deathclaws and Super Mutants in 2 of the show, but there will certainly be more. Here are three characters you can expect to see in the forthcoming season.

3. Craig Boone

Craig Boone
Craig Boone

Craig Boone would be a wonderful addition to the second season of the hit show. The character appeared in Beyond the Beef, One for My Baby, I Forgot to Remember to Forget, and You’ll Know It When It Happens. Boone is a retired NCR First Recon sharpshooter.


He lives in Novac where he serves as the night watchman in 2281. Boone is an interesting character and his inclusion in the show will add layers to the intention and action of the game.

2. Mysterious Stranger

Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger

Mysterious Stranger has made multiple appearances throughout the video game series. The character is chilling and his name suggests there is an inherent sense of a cloud of enigma surrounding him. His inclusion in the show would be pivotal to enhance the Western vibe of the show.

He appears in a trench coat and fedora combo alongside a blast from his signature .44 Magnum. Interaction with the character will add a more intriguing scenario with the thrill embedded.


1. Courier


Courier is certainly one of the most important and powerful characters of the Fallout game series. Even Craig Boone is a possible companion of the Courier in Fallout: New Vegas where Courier is the main protagonist. The character also appeared in Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

As the show has explored several interesting characters in the first season of the show, Courier’s appearance will enhance the core value of the storyline even further with more layers to the adaptation of the game series. Inherently, the character is a traveler and the creators would have extensive room for exploring different locations showing fans more of the post-apocalyptic world.

The first season of Fallout is now streaming on Prime Video.


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