With WB Rumored To Be Restoring the SnyderVerse, Will Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Return in Justice League 2?

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Warner Bros. Discovery is at an inflection point. After the merger between AT&T Inc’s WarnerMedia unit and Discovery Inc., the combined company reportedly has a lot of cost-cutting to do. Furthermore, with David Zaslav as the new CEO, the company has apparently made a general policy shift. This can be seen in the many major decisions the company has made in the recent past. However, it is the rumored restoration of the SnyderVerse that is the most consequential.


If the SnyderVerse is indeed restored, one question that immediately follows is the fate of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. Fisher has had an open, ugly, and enduring beef with WB. Would he return as Cyborg in a potential Justice League 2? We examine the case for the same in this article.

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Rumors of WB Restoring The SnyderVerse

David Zaslav
David Zaslav is the new CEO & President of Warner Bros. Discovery.

It has been recently reported that CEO David Zaslav is planning to restore the SnyderVerse. The internet is buzzing with rumors to this effect. There are several indications that suggest that this rumor may be true. If this is the case, it would be a monumental decision that promises to be very popular among fans.

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Ray Fisher’s Public Spat With Warner Bros.

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher

As aforementioned, actor Ray Fisher, who plays the character Cyborg for DC, has had a years-long beef with Warner Bros. of all entities. He debuted as Cyborg in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Things were looking good for the actor. He was even rumored to star in his own standalone Cyborg film. However, all came crashing down after several incidents that reportedly took place during the filming of 2017’s Justice League. The star accused WB and several officeholders in the business of abuse and mistreatment. Things snowballed and the spat became quite serious.


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Would Ray Fisher Return As The Cyborg in a Potential Justice League 2?

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Notwithstanding the years-long dispute between Ray Fisher and Warner Bros., we believe that there is ample scope for the star to reprise the character of Cyborg in a potential Justice League 2. This is the case for several reasons.

First, Fisher has on multiple occasions shown an interest in reprising the role of Cyborg. Including in an Instagram Live event, he did a while back. Second, he has acknowledged his love for the character and has on one occasion hinted that an apology from WB would mend things. Third, Ray Fisher is quite popular with fans and has played Cyborg very well, which makes him an attractive choice for the role. Fourth, accusations of racism, corruption, and mistreatment leveled by Fisher on regular intervals bleed WB of goodwill and the production house would want a stop to that by mending their relationship with the actor.


Finally, a slew of unpopular decisions liking the scrapping of Batgirl has greatly alienated fans, recasting Fisher would help WB salvage its reputation amongst the audiences. For all these reasons we might see Ray Fisher as Cyborg once again.

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