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Marvel Retcons Wolverine’s Moral Compass, Reveals He Was a Villain All Along

wolverine marvel villain all along

Marvel’s Wolverine from the X-Men finally sees his evil side which fans have been realizing for a while. Yes, he is a truly evil mutant. We already know that Logan is a violent mutant in Professor X’s employ, and he is mostly known for causing human-mutant fights.

Wolverine, Marvel comics
Wolverine, Marvel comics

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(Spoiler alert)

If we compare the modern Logan then he appears to be less violent now as compared to the 80s and 90s comic line. Recently in Fantastic Four #3, the four famous heroes come across a violent possessed Human Torch in Las Vegas.

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Wolverine’s Body Count Shows the Shocking Truth of His Evil Side

Fantastic Four #3, Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four #3, Marvel Comics

The incident is followed by a demon who commands Human Torch the hero using demon fire and sadly Wolverine came under his brutal demonic fire. Anyhow, his healing abilities helped him to survive but he faces another attack which is the Ghost Rider’s Penance stare. This attack caused him to see the number of victims he had killed before making him realize how evil he is.

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He recovers but it’s a side effect of his mutant healing factor, that’s why he remembers just a few pieces of his memory. Previously, in the Ultimate X-Men series, he even killed a mutant child because of his uncontrollable mutant power. At this point, he realizes himself as an evil mutant and sadly he can’t remember every element of his memory.

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What Makes Wolverine an Anti-hero?

Wolverine as an anti-hero, Marvel comics
Wolverine as an anti-hero, Marvel comics

From his origin to his journey, he used to be a good guy. But we can’t say that all his suffering and torture didn’t turn him evil because the torture was intended to make him evil. Turning into evil was part of the torture, affected by his nature or by those that would use his power. And this made him do something good.

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Wolverine’s violence is a basic factor of his mutation, his wild side and furious rages are a part that carries with his claws as well as his healing factor. With the help of the military, Hudson’s, or the X-Men, he is still trying and constantly struggling to control his wild nature. We can’t hate because it’s his defining personal characteristic. This character isn’t a wildman but one must respect this guy because he is a man who follows supreme discipline controlling both his mind and the wild side that shares his body.

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Written by Shreeparna Das