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5 Things That Prove Wolverine Is The Best X-Man In Fox Films

When we talk about X-Men, one name is constant in our mind – Wolverine. Can we really think of X-Men without him? With his tough exterior and soft heart, Wolverine has evolved as a great hero and a leader. A perfect example of X-Men, Wolverine is a mutant who uses his powers for the greater good. Despite his temper issues and inability to work in a team, he has won our hearts. Find out why Wolverine, once a loner, is one of the most inspiring and best X-Men in the movie. He is portrayed by Hugh Jackman, and we cannot think of anyone better to fit that role. 

The Team Can Always Bank on Him

Every member of the X-Men team brings something interesting to the table with powers like thunder, cyclone, psychokinesis, and beams of energy. Yet the mutant whose power is merely turning into steel is the biggest support of the team. His healing ability has undergone several upgrades over the years, which allows him to fight for longer, even when his teammates are down. When all hopes are gone, you know that Wolverine will make a bigger comeback and save the day. 

Saved Rogue from Magneto

The first X-Men movie kicked off a whole new era of superhero movies on the big screen. It introduced Wolverine and Rogue as the central characters. Despite being characterized as a loner with anger issues and toughness, Wolverine stepped up to help the X-Men save Rogue and the world from Magneto’s destructive plans. 

Sacrificed Jean to Save Others

The love of Wolverine’s life, Jean Grey had managed to melt the tough mutant’s heart. But losing a loved one was always written on the cards for Wolverine. Jean had descended to the dark side and turned into the Dark Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand, becoming a threat to everyone. When Wolverine saw the danger she posed, he knew that he was the only one who could stop her. He finally managed to save others but at the cost of his love.

Travelling Back in Time

In the comic books, Kitty Pryde was the one to travel back in time to stop the Dark Future. But the movie adopted a different route and sent Wolverine back in time to prevent the apocalypse. Even though there was no certainty if the plan would work, Wolverine knew it was the only way out and was willing to risk his life with the hope to save everyone. 

Sacrificed Himself to Stop Magneto

Magneto has always been an intense character because of his traumatic experiences. Being subjected to so much loss and hatred drove him to this level of insanity and vengeance. Whoever tried to impede his mission, including mutants, met with his wrath. Wolverine almost died when Magneto impaled him while on his way to kill the President. He knew how Magneto’s actions could impact the X-Men’s future and was willing to get killed in the way of stopping it.

Written by Ipshita Barua