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‘Women have had it with old creepy guys’: Marvel Star F. Murray Abraham is Internet’s New Crash Test Dummy Following S*xual Misconduct Allegations

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F. Murray Abraham’s departure from the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest shook many. After all, his character C.W. Longbottom was a part of the main cast and beloved by audiences. Fans back then assumed that he left due to personal reasons. But a new report has shed light on the actual reason behind his exit.

Allegedly, it is s*xual misconduct accusations that led to the 83-year-old actor’s exit. The news has shocked the internet and ardent supporters of the Golden Globe-nominated actor. This has led to interesting discussions about the actor online.

F. Murray Abraham’s Mythic Quest Exit Was Due To S*xual Misconduct Allegations? 

F. Murray Abraham
F. Murray Abraham

When F. Murray Abraham exited the Mythic Quest series before its third season, Lionsgate, the production company put out a statement that said, “F. Murray Abraham will not be returning to season three of Mythic Quest. Beyond that, we do not comment on matters concerning personnel.”

Rolling Stone has reported that the departure of the White Lotus star is due to at least two allegations of s*xual misconduct. As per the outlet, the star who voiced Khonshu in the Marvel show Moon Knight, was given a warning after the first incident came to light. But after a second incident was brought forth, the actor was let go.

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F. Murray Abraham in Mythic Quest
F. Murray Abraham in Mythic Quest

Here are the full details of the matter:

“Rolling Stone has learned that at least two concerns were raised about Abraham’s behavior. The first incident resulted in Abraham being given a warning and told to keep away from some of the show’s actresses, according to a production source. After a second incident was brought to creator and star Rob McElhenney’s attention, Rolling Stone understands that Abraham was let go from the show.” 

Lionsgate commented on the Rolling Stone report by releasing a statement that said, “We take allegations of misconduct seriously and investigate them thoroughly. As a matter of corporate policy, we do not discuss our personnel actions.” The outlet said that neither McElhenney nor Abraham or any of the other actors have commented on the matter till now. As for the fans, they are divided on the news.

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Internet Voices Its Opinion On F. Murray Abraham’s S*xual Misconduct Allegations 

F. Murray Abraham in The White Lotus season 2
F. Murray Abraham in The White Lotus season 2

The internet is having a field day with this report about F. Murray Abraham because allegedly reality has mirrored fiction. His character in The White Lotus season 2, called Bert Di Grasso, is an elderly grandfather who makes inappropriate comments about women and shrugs off any criticism for it. But not everyone is making jokes about the grave allegations. Many are debating about the topic and declaring which side they are on.

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Here’s what the internet is saying:


F. Murray Abraham’s exit from Mythic Quest was respectable and honored the character of C.W. Longbottom. In an interview with Variety, co-creator Rob McElhenney said, “We recognize that C.W. is a beloved character and obviously a huge part of the show. So, we made sure that we have a really fitting tribute to him.”

In the show, the character wrote his own ending after learning that he has a fatal illness. Longbottom drove off a Grand Canyon cliff in a Thunderbird. His remains were launched into space. As for Abraham, it remains to be seen if his team makes a statement about these allegations. 

Mythic Quest is streaming on Apple TV+, and The White Lotus is available on HBO Max.

Source: Rolling Stone 

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