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“Women should stay at home and cook”: Michelle Yeoh Called Jackie Chan a “Male chauvinistic pig” For His Ridiculous Opinion on Women in Hollywood

Michelle Yeoh Called Jackie Chan a "Male chauvinistic pig" For His Ridiculous Opinion on Women in Hollywood

Following the ground-breaking performance of Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All At Once, the actress was nominated for an Oscar. With fame finally finding its way to the Supercop actress, an old interview of her was uncovered.

The interview, being very old, featured a 35-year-old Michelle Yeoh as she straight up began dissing Jackie Chan. She referred to Chan as a “male chauvinistic pig” and was angry over Jackie Chan’s controversial claims and statements.

Michelle Yeoh holding a Golden Globe award.
Michelle Yeoh holding a Golden Globe award.

Michelle Yeoh Is Angry At Jackie Chan’s Horrible Comments

In an old and buried video, Michelle Yeoh was interviewed and asked about Jackie Chan. As the reporter proceeded to bring about the conversation towards the topic of Jackie Chan, the Crazy Rich Asians actress proceeded to speak some blunt truths for the Rush Hour actor.

Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn in Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022).
Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn in Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022).

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When the host asked whether it was Jackie Chan that brought her into the world of cinema, Yeoh laughed it off while calling Chan a “male chauvinistic pig”. The Shang-Chi actress went on to further state that they are good friends and she calls Jackie Chan a male chauvinistic pig to his face.

“Actually he’s a male chauvinistic pig” Michelle Yeoh started saying. “Jackie and I are very good friends. I say this to him you know? to his face. He always believes that women should stay at home and cook and don’t do anything and be the victim except for Michelle!”

The Gunpowder Milkshake actress further stated that Jackie Chan knows that she can kick his butt if he interfered with her too much.

“Except for Michelle, now he said because I would kick his butt.”

While stopping the host mid-sentence, Michelle Yeoh stated that she too did her own stunts much like Jackie Chan did as the interview was allowed to end without any stereotypical or sexist comments coming into play. The people lauded her and appreciated her for speaking the truth and being such an inspiring woman to look up to.

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When Michelle Yeoh Told The Golden Globes To Shut Up!

Michelle Yeoh as Scian in The Witcher: Blood Origin.
Michelle Yeoh as Scian in The Witcher: Blood Origin.

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After winning her Golden Globe award, Michelle Yeoh started speaking her thanking speech. Talking about her life in early Hollywood and the subsequent fame from Everything Everywhere All At Once, she was cut short by the fading music of the Golden Globes.

In a bid to send her back to her seat and to make her speech short, the Blood Origin actress calmly stated “Shut Up” while looking over at the music section. The actress also added “I can beat you up. And that’s serious” before laughing and continuing her speech. Michelle Yeoh has starred in numerous projects and also in Hollywood in these recent years.

Her Oscar-nominated project Everything Everywhere All At Once is available to stream on ShowTime in the U.S.

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