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“Women shouldn’t face abuse for speaking the truth”: Amber Heard Gets Humiliated Again as Aquaman Star Settles Legal Battle With Johnny Depp, Pays $1M to Avoid Third Trial


The defamation trial that changed everything for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard might finally be settling all at once as the actress decides to walk away from any possible trial that could take place. Heard has given out a statement regarding the same, speaking about the matter and making a stand for herself. While on one hand fans run to take Johnny Depp’s side as he lifts his career again, Amber Heard continues to fight the clutches of bankruptcy.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Heard recently posted on Instagram regarding her future and what she’ll do as she would not be filing for another trial. Furthermore, she has chosen to settle rather than continue a battle that might as well already be a lost one.

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Amber Heard Talks About The Unjust Judiciary And How She Only Told The Truth

Amber Heard recently posted on Instagram, giving out a statement about how she will no longer be filing for any retrial, dissing the fans, society, and the public for choosing the side of someone whom she deems to be more powerful and popular rather than picking a side of someone who could be speaking the truth against Johnny Depp.

amber heard shutterstock 2
Amber Heard

“The vilification I have faced of social media is an amplified version of the ways in which women are re-victimized when they come forward. Now I finally have an opportunity to emancipate myself from something I attempted to leave over six years ago and on terms that I can agree to.”

She, even so, attacks the public by saying that the reward for speaking her story and fighting for what is right only gave her pain. She dealt with losses both physically, mentally, and financially. She further stated that the American judiciary to be unjust. She compared her experience in the UK and in the USA and how one party was more on her side and protected her, while the other only thrashed her.

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Amber Heard Addressed The Mockery That Her Statements Were Turned Into By Social Media

Within the same post, Amber Heard also focused on how her statements and her truth, her voice were used for fun and entertainment and to mock her in the media while she was trying to prove her story. She pointed out how the fans whom she thought would support her have treated her only harshly and unjustly.

Amber Heard FandomWire
Amber Heard with Johnny Depp

Heard also, in the process, thanked those who stood by her. She thanked all the women who had been abused in the past and supported her and she thanked those fans who believed in her.

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